The Chemical Brothers Detail New Album 'No Geography,' Share Single "Got To Keep On"

The Chemical Brothers' new album will be released in April.
The Chemical Brothers No Geography

The Chemical Brothers have announced the details for their upcoming album No Geography. The iconic dance duo’s ninth album will be released on April 12 via Astralwerks. They have also revealed the 10-song tracklist and the next single “Got To Keep On.”

Their first album since 2015’s Born In The Echoes, No Geography forced Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons to look at things a little differently. They built a studio within their studio, filling it with hardware from their previous two albums and what had been gathering dust in Rowlands’ attic.

The album doesn’t have any announced features, but songs were built around vocal samples from various eras and types of artists like in “Free Yourself” and “Got To Keep On.”

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A pre-order is now available including digital and vinyl

1. Eve Of Destruction
2. Bango
3. No Geography
4. Got To Keep On
5. Gravity Drops
6. The Universe Sent Me
7. We’ve Got To Try
8. Free Yourself
9. MAH
10. Catch Me I’m Falling

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