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Valentine's Day: DJs Share Their Most Memorable Breakup Stories

Love is worth celebrating today and everyday, but instead, if you are feeling salty today, we asked a group of DJs to give us their most memorable breakup stories.

I hope this isn’t news to anyone, especially those in a relationship, but today is Valentine’s Day. For those in relationships that means doing something special with your loved ones, for everyone else, business as usual or some quality alone time. Love is worth celebrating today and everyday, but instead, if you are feeling salty today, we asked a group of DJs to give us their most memorable breakup stories. We asked Mason, Senufo, Boeke, Fabian and LOSH to share some stories that will take you on a trip.




I met my first holiday love affair when I was a young teenager in Greece, where she was working in the hotel of her family, doing housekeeping. She was also a bit of a Cinderella of the family, doing all the hard work while the rest seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think we were both 12, so there’s child labor for ya - but hey it was Greece a few decades ago, and donkeys were still a common means of transportation. Anyway, I fell head over heels, as she was 10 times cooler than I was. For starters, she wasn’t afraid to eat crickets alive. At some point, my parents had to drag me back home on a boat, where I must’ve cried the whole way back, so suppose I made the sea a notch saltier.

Fabian Luttenberger

Fabian Luttenberger

Fabian Luttenberger

I remember my first real breakup, which was a long time ago when I was only 15 years old. The story goes that I was on a summer vacation with my parents and I met a girl and we fell in love. She lived in another country so we could not see each other after the vacation was over but we were writing back and forth every day. We were in constant contact and even met a couple of times. We promised us to do the same vacation again the next year. After one long year we finally met again but things somehow felt differently. She told me that she wouldn’t want to not see me again after the vacation was over so she broke up with me right away. The vacation I was looking forward to for one year just turned out to be heartbreaking.


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This is a funny question, I wasn’t expecting it. A time ago I was going out with this girl I used to like, we did not last long at all. I remember how a week or two into the relationship or whatever it was she started acting a little weird and would not respond my texts and it all started getting a little awkward. The next day I told her that I would be home all day and I was not really in the mood to have conversations with her at the moment and my best friend at the moment invited me over just to hang out and my friend is the sister of my ex-girlfriend. So we are hanging out and suddenly the doorbell rings and it was the girl I was going out with, it turned out she was having a family dinner in the house across the street and saw my car parked in the street. I walk up to the door for some reason she was furious and she just dumped me in the spot... I was like ooo- kay bye!


I had been dating this girl for a little while when she asked me to get some rave drugs for some friends of hers that were in from out of town. I was surprised because she wasn't really into that thing, but I agreed. The dealer said he'd meet us at a party, so we went with her friends and waited and waited, but the dude didn't show for like two hours. Out of nowhere, my date started screaming at me about how long I made her wait for this dude and made a scene. Needless to say, that was the last time I called her to go out. Getting blasted for doing a girl a favor? Nah not for me.



So way way way back, in fact it was probably my first proper relationship when I was about 16, me and my girlfriend at the time went to our high school ball. It was a great night and we all had a blast, we had been dating for about 2 or 3 months at this point and we went back to her parents house where I was staying and the plan was to wake up next morning and meet the parents. I obviously miscalculated the amount of booze I drank as the room soon started to spin and next thing I know I’m hanging my head out of her bedroom window being violently ill, anyway I went to bed and didn't think anything of it. Next morning however, I soon realized the error of my ways as we opened the curtains to find her dad hosing down my sick off the side of the house. Let's just say, this first meeting of her parents didn't go well and unfortunately the relationship went down the drain along with the contents of my stomach.

When I used to DJ back in the day we used to go to this bar on the waterfront for after parties. One Friday night we all got to the after party, pretty drunk, and my friend who was managing the bar at the time found some gold paint & decided to paint all of our hands gold leaf. We cracked on then I got a message from my girlfriend at the time telling me it was 4am and we had her niece’s christening at 9am that morning. Obviously I got home with a massive gold hand & no paint remover. Now you can’t make that shit up. The rest was history oh & my relationship.

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