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With nothing but more snow and cold in the forecast, we need a little heat to keep our motors running. February's Disco/Funk selections will not only keep you warm but are guaranteed to make you break a sweat!

Ponchartrain - No Romance

Ponchartrain is no stranger to this chart or our hearts and for good reason! He is a machine when it comes to great disco. "No Romance" has a very nice funk element that amps up the boogie factor, and you will want "No romance, just want to dance" as the lyric says! Oh, and those horns at 2:10 will get you to the next level you are looking for. Magic.

Haywyre - Contagious

At a time when it's everyone's colds that are contagious, "Contagious" makes the word sound like something you want! Funky, synth altered vocals and a fantastic piano breakdown at 1:40 make this song next level fun. I have a sickness, and this track is the perfect medicine. 

Escort - City Life (feat. Fonda Rae)

Hey guys, let's go to New York City! Escort's love story to the city once again shows why Escort never goes out of style. Even a change of lead singers isn't going to slow this group down. With production from JKriv and Eugene Cho, "City Life" is a dazzling preview of what the new album promises to deliver.

Gavin Turek - Whitney (LUXXURY Remix)

LUXXURY and Gavin Turek are a marriage made in heaven. Turek's vocals are perfectly suited for dancing the night away, as she asks the listener to "Get on the floor and dance with me." LUXXURY adds his brand of sexy where you didn't think any more sexy could fit! 

Barry & Gibbs - I Feel Your Love

Taking a page from the Chic disco bible, "I Feel Your Love" feels as natural today as it would have in 1978. A terrific thumping bass line that would make Nile Rodgers proud, Barry & Gibbs have created another disco classic. 

Frank Booker - Be Yourself

"Just be yourself, can't be nobody else. Just be yourself, be whatcha wanna be." This song is pure classic disco, with a driving funky bass backbeat and all the right strings, horns, and rhythm guitar. It's also a mantra to love yourself, which we all need to be reminded of sometimes. What else can you ask for?

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Conan The Selector Edit)

It's always a risky endeavor to remix classic disco, especially Michael Jackson. I mean, what is there to add? Conan The Selector figured out that horns were the missing ingredient in this great update, and putting the focus on the breathy Michael sounds is genius. This is a floor filler for sure!

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Richard Seaborne - Ken

A synth-driven jam, "Ken" guides you across the dancefloor with some silky strings and light piano pulling you along to your groove destination. You will know you've settled into a perfect evening when this one plays.

Rees - Over U

A lovely little ditty about female empowerment wrapped up in 7:05 very danceable minutes, "Over U" is a slow burn, but before you know it, Rees is showing us exactly why she should be loved. Fortunately, we don't have to get over Rees anytime soon!

Osmose - The Disco Theme

"The Disco Theme" is timeless. I keep expecting roller skates to show up on my feet and my hair to become perfectly feathered while this gem by Osmose plays. I am just discovering this artist and I can't wait to hear what's next!

The Silver Rider - The Way

The Silver Rider has provided a track that is a treasure map to disco town. This is a very happy place, full of funk and jammy goodness to go around. I want a one-way ticket to this place and "The Way" will take us all there...maybe that place is Austin, Texas. 

Reggie Got Beats & Vebjørn Mamen - Fascination (sparkx Remix)

Who doesn't need a serious break from the arctic blast that a lot of us are living through? This rework of "Fascination" is a pure sonic vacation. Breezy summer vibes will transport you to the beach, even if it's only in your mind. Play this one on repeat.

Tom Browne - Midnight Interlude (James Rod Re-Edit)

Oh, man, does this track make me long for summer nights! James Rod has taken an all but forgotten early 80's R&B song and breathed fresh life into it, making it sound like a true disco classic! The horns are perfect over the subtle slap bass driving the beat. The female vocalist truly gets to shine in this re-edit. James Rod has an exceptional ear and ability to reimagine a song this well. 

Queen - Cool Cat (mikeandtess Edit 4 Mix)

mikeandtess are back again with the most welcome and unexpected update to Queen song "Cool Cat." The original was a slightly out of character track for the band, a bit slow and sad, but mikeandtess have managed to infuse disco swagger and sexiness to a Queen song that really deserves a listen, especially with the soaring falsetto Freddy Mercury brought to the entire track. 

Cheb Miaou & Kye Sones - Paris

We are traveling the world this month, with our next stop in Paris. "Paris" is sultry, funky, and inviting all at the same time. There is nothing else to say...let's run away to "Paris."

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