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There are always so many great indie and alternative dance songs released each month, and narrowing down the list into the fifteen best is always a challenge. But here we are, it's the top tracks from February! Let's get into it.

1. Far Caspian - Conversations

I am greeted with a metronome-ish beat pattern that raises my anticipation for what's to come. When the song drops, it's as smooth as the ice outside across the lake in winter. The percussion is clean, the strumming of the guitar wraps me like a blanket, and the vocals swirl about like the wind in a satisfying effect. 

2. W H Lung - Simpatico People

The lake has thawed, and summer is here. I embark on an adventure across the waters, awash in sunshine and light winds. The vocals are soft and gentle, with a synthetic foundation that acts as an island of twinkling discovery to explore. Am I on my own, or are there others with me?

3. Jai Wolf - Your Way feat. Day Wave

The strumming of the guitar evokes a landscape that might be serene but all is not peaceful. Everything seems to be falling apart. I won't get in your way. This situation will settle, reality will be absorbed, and then it will hit me. The intensity surrounds me, embracing me at the moment.

4. Claud - Easy

Being embraced doesn't always conjure up this kind of emotion. Sometimes the embrace is more like a form of compression. Compression in music, in the case of "Easy," isn't bad, but it just has to be done right. When emotions are compressed and limited, would-be lovers aren't open with each other, resulting in a big let down.

5. Pawns - Monuments of Faith

Stand firm, like "Monuments of Faith." This is a punk swagger, Bauhaus inspired dance rock track that is hard, driving, and raw. This track evokes serious passion in its delivery, an intensity that is worth every moment.

6. Kakkmaddafakka - Runaway Girl

Intensity like the "Runaway Girl." She might be halfway around the world, but she is the one who is desired, uptempo, hard to catch. She takes what she wants without care. The rhythmic elements of this track are what make it, creating imagery, conveying the ebb and flow of a fast-paced life.

7. Foals - Exits

Foals have returned with a masterpiece, and "Exits" is a highlight. Laden with layers of piano, simple bass structures, and a vocal performance that has variation and difficulty in its range and arrangement. And an arrangement it is. This is a track that has enough melodic and harmonic complexity to deserve an orchestral arrangement.

8. Manics - Eleven Eleven

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A slow build. A smooth groove. Satisfying bass lines greet us with a whirring, chopped harmonic texture. Vocally, the track is soft, careful. It's passive, a kind of whatever, whenever attitude, until eyes are caught by the sight of intense interest. Stay for a while. The day, even. We could be here forever.

9. The Mysterines - Bet Your Pretty Face

Satisfying, gritty rock with a dance appeal. This one will have you throwing goats on the dancefloor and there is nothing wrong with that, either. We'll "Bet Your Pretty Face" on it. 

10. Low Island - In Person

Crisp acoustic percussion, simple melodies from clear, slightly staccato inflected vocal verses, and this completely satisfying harmonic bounce that provides a repetitive theme to keep your body moving on the dancefloor. The emotion laid bare in the chorus will have you singing along.

11. Fidlar - Fake

Gritty bass defines the scene with a Gary Glitter influenced percussion loop, this track has a slightly reverberated vocal. The backing harmonies and guitar work keep us engaged with our head bopping.

12. Future Unlimited - Falling

The introductory guitar in this track had me immediately sold. In the alternative dance club, the place should go wild for this one. From the wall of sound, the bass groove, and sing-along vocal, this track has it all.

13. Sego - Neon Me Out

Bass groove over a firm drum beat greets us in this Beck and Butthole Surfers influenced alternative dance masterpiece. The guitar riff is familiar and simple, and the chorus will have you singing along.

14. Park Hotel - Good People Bad Dreams

An uptempo indie dance jam that evokes influence from Talking Heads, this track has all the right bounce and inflection needed to keep you moving. The back and forth vocal duet is performed exceptionally well.

15. Love In October - How the World Will End

I've always wanted to know how the world will end, and thanks to Love In October, now we know. This is a dance-rock tune reminiscent of The Strokes, with excellent guitar work in the forefront and sing-along vocals.

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