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Ellen Allien Details Eighth Solo Album 'Allientronic,' Shares First Single "Stimulation"

The new album will be released in May on BPitch.
Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien has announced a new album Allientronic. Her eighth album will arrive on her record label BPitch in May. She has also shared the first single “Stimulation.”

Recorded at the end of 2018 in her hometown of Berlin, Allientronic will continue her remarkable pace of production, following her 2017 album Nost. At eight tracks in total, it will move between techno, electro and ambient.

The new single combines hard hitting techno and acid beats into a record that does exactly what the title would suggest – stimulate. It doesn’t just slap you in the face though. There are periods of long, eerie synth bits that wax and wane in the background.

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Allientronic will be released on May 17.


01. Empathy
02. M.D.M.A
03. Bowie In Harmony
04. Love Distortion
05. Electronic Joy
06. Exit To Humanity
07. Free Society
08. Stimulation

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