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Event: Magnetic Presents Dennis Cruz [Halcyon SF] + Interview

The Bay is calling
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New year, same shared love for all things great. Magnetic and Halcyon SF are back in action with a new season of parties for you bay-area people, kicking things off with Dennis Cruz. Ahead of our first hedonistic outing together, we sat down with Dennis for a quick catch up, and a hint of what's in store for us. 


Dennis, your track with Martina Camargo "El Sueno" set dance floors afire around the world this summer! What was the inspiration for that fire track? How did you come to work with Martina?

I heard the vocal from martina before and I couldn’t resist to contact her to do this collaboration!

You also released "The Sun", another summertime, feel good, floor-filler with Halcyon residents, Chus & Ceballos.

How long have you been collaborating with Los Tios?

It was an honor for me to make this track with them, I’ve been working 3 years with stereo productions.

We love those guys! We often see you on Stereo Production line-ups around the world. Any fun stories to share about hanging with those two?

There are a lot of funny stories so it is difficult to choose just one, maybe the last stereo Christmas party, we always had a lot of fun when we are together!

We love that you are always smiling and appear to be having a great time every time we see you! To what do you attribute this?

Thank you I truly am! I really love my job so I can’t be sad doing what I love most.

One honestly cannot help but dance to "El Sueno" and "The Sun". What is a track that always gets you into a good mood and onto the dance floor?

Octave one - Blackwater

Dennis Cruz

We love that track as well! Speaking of El Sueno, what would be your DREAM collaboration?

Michael Jackson, he is a true musical legend.

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What was the most fun collaboration in 2019?

Golfos with Pawsa

Where are you currently living and how does that inform your music or style?

I am Spanish and live in Madrid close to my family and friends. I love the weather, it is always sunny in Madrid and the food is the best.

What is the most exciting place you visited this year?

Costa Rica, it is such an amazing place.

What is your favorite thing to do in a new city?

I always try to taste the local food wherever I am!

What is the one thing you cannot travel without?

My travel pillow always.

What is the one thing you cannot wait to come home to?

My studio

What are you most excited about for your gig at Halcyon in March?

I can’t wait to play on that amazing sound system again.

Oh, thank you! We cannot wait to have you back in our beloved San Francisco. Keep living El Sueno!

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