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Flume's Career-Spanning 'When Everything Was New' Documentary Hits YouTube

The documentary chronicles his start as an artist all the way up to his 2017 Grammy win.


Almost a year ago, Flume released two documentaries on Apple Music chronicling his rise to prominence in dance music. One focused on him and the other on the team at Future Classic. Now the documentary on him When Everything Was New, has been released on YouTube in four parts.

The documentary goes way back to his very beginnings, finding out how to make music and his first introduction with Future Classic. It has interviews with members of his team and other artists like Vince Staples, Beck, Andrew Wyatt, Kai and many more.

We learn he grew his mustache in 2016 when he went to Mexico to finish his album as a tribute to the country. We also meet his visual artist Jonathan Zawada, who created Flume’s artwork and was the creative director for the live show, who explains the process and reasoning behind the art.

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Flume also addresses the sound on Skin, noting that he found his sound on his first record, but he had to change because a lot of people made similar things to him. So Skin is more organic, intimate and alien-like.

We finally end with Flume winning a Grammy for Skin and then revamping his life in LA, building out a studio in his new home.

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