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German Producer DJ Normal 4 Admits To Sexual Assaulting Women At Bristol Show

He admitted the assaults in a lengthy Facebook post and had a London gig canceled.
DJ Normal 4

German producer DJ Nobody 4 aka Tim Schumacher has admitted to sexually assaulting women at his gig in Bristol last week on February 21.

He admitted doing this in a long Facebook post. He said that he was blacked out for two hours after drinking and taking drugs (MDMA to be precise) and was told about his behavior after.

“After my gig at the after party of the promoters i was told that i left the DJ Booth without returning (during my set), also i handled rowdily with another guys records, but what followed after this already super untypical behaviour is that i was accused to have sexually assaulted women by words and tried to kiss and grab after them,” he explains. Schumacher also says that he is known as a “party machine” but is “always respectful.”

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The post continues with his attempt at redemption that he will stop drinking and taking substances and then explaining why he was so off the wagon.

“Obviously I am going to stop drinking and doing substances. I am deeply ashamed from what i heard about myself. Due to personal difficulties / circumstances in my life (i separated myself from my wife which is also not easy for me, separation never is) and a long tour, i should not have done this show and took a break instead, but i also didn't wanted to cancel the show and harm the promoters, this should not be treated as an excuse please just as info as i can not explain my behaviour to myself. I deeply apologize to the women for what happened and I can not imagine how horrifying this must be but i swear this is not my general me.”

The promoter on the night Monkey Sounds released a statement, apologizing for the actions of DJ Nobody 4 and assuring they will work so that this doesn’t happen again.

“Regrettably, we'd like to apologise for our headliner leaving his set early and the rest of his behaviour at the end of the night. We pride ourselves on trying to create a safe space at our parties and are taking the issue very seriously. We hope this didn't affect your night and we will make sure it doesn't happen again."

London promoter Haws released a statement of their own yesterday saying that Schumacher had withdrawn for “safety reasons” but did not go into detail, which we now know.

They made it pretty obvious with their following statement saying, “The wellbeing of our attendees is paramount to our night, and to creating a safe environment for everyone joining us at Rye Wax.”

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