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Gold Panda Releases Album 'Jag Trax' Under New Hip-Hop / House Alias DJ Jenifa

Gold Panda has a new alias inspired by De La Soul.
Gold Panda DJ Jenifa

Gold Panda has a new album Jag Trax under a new hip-hop and house alias named DJ Jenifa. The name comes from the Del La Soul classic ‘Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge).

According to Gold Panda, real name Derwin Dicker, the album was “heavily influenced by sampling culture.” All the songs were recorded in one take with no post-editing or “additional nonsense.” All of the songs very raw as a result. He used equipment like the Akai MPC1000, Akai MPC2000xl, Roland TR808, Yamaha PSS480, Zoom1201, Bel BD80, Akai MFC42, MFB522, Korg ES1 and a Mackie mixer on the project.

The project oscillates between quirky and eclectic hip-hop instrumentals that fit the Gold Panda brand, some four-on-the-floor house music and then disco records with heavy filter use like “TrainFilter2.” You can feel the MPC’s knocking and the samples really start to take hold as LP progresses. The hip-hop-leaning records aren’t as strong, but the house tracks are where Dicker shines under this alias.

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The album title Jag Trax derives from the 2003 S-Type Jaguar that Dicker drove while he was making this album. I am actually shocked the Jaguar was still on the road.

“I would make these tracks that I could just play loud in the Jag”, he explains via Fact. “They were songs that I could just bang out on the motorway and make the journey go quicker.”

“Unfortunately, the CD player in the Jag wouldn’t play any of the CDs that I would burn… so I never actually heard those tunes in it.”

Stream the album below or get it on Bandcamp.

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