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In just a few years, Josh Butler has firmly established himself as one of house music's most revered talents. Following the success of his debut "Got A Feeling" in 2013, Josh has gone on to pick up multiple industry awards, release on some of the worlds most prominent labels, and eventually launch his own label ORIGIN RCRDS in 2016. Since then he has taken to touring, becoming a staple in Ibiza season and playing music festivals all around the world. Most recently this writer saw Josh Butler at CRSSD Festival in Southern California, where his unique style of house music mesmerized the crowd. After seeing the set I had to have a sit down with Josh Butler and find out more about him, and what I found out I am going to share with our readers today. 

You recently played CRSSD Festival in San Diego, California. How was that and what other shows do you have coming up that you're really excited for?

CRSSD Festival was fun! When I landed in San Diego it was pouring down with rain which did worry me as I was slightly nervous if the festival would be busy when I played, but when I started my set the sun came out. Perfect timing!?

I’m actually back in America quite a lot throughout March, starting with Warriors Brooklyn alongside Steve Lawler and Andrea Oliva at Kings Hall - Avant Gardner in New York. I’m also really excited for Miami Music Week where I’m playing four times for Defected, Viva Warriors, Snatch! and also Hoi Boi, before flying to Australia, New Zeland and Asia straight after!

With your recent EP release called The System -- how do you keep things fresh and unique when producing new music? Are there any influences interior or exterior that have helped your music evolve over time?

I’m forever messing around in the studio with new sounds or equipment, and this experimentation really helps me to explore new areas to my style. I have a board spectrum of musical influences too which I think helps keep things fresh - I listen to all kinds of genres from reggae through to pretty tough techno from Europe. It’s important to be open minded with music if you want to evolve and keep evolving.

In 2016 you launched your own label ORIGINS RCRDS, what are the biggest challenges you have faced as a label head and how have you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges is probably accommodating all of the releases into the label’s schedule. I get sent so much good music but I also don’t want to flood the market with too many releases, so it’s about cherry picking my favorite records and then working this to fit the label plans.

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2018 saw a massive rise in the popularity of the underground sound. Has that shift affected your career? How so?

It has for sure especially in the USA it feels that some pockets of the underground music scene are really strong out there now. I’m getting such amazing responses at my US gigs recently!

What are your favorite types of venues or events to play and why?

My favorite venues to play are about 300 - 500 capacity where I can play an extended set as I find that I can build a vibe and a rapport with a crowd. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing festivals and big venues too. It’s always fun to bang out it on a festival stage!

What is an ideal Sunday like for Josh Butler? Do you have decompress days?

Netflix, sofa, roast dinner and maybe a walk depending on how fat I feel after eating. Switching off as much as possible is sometimes really essential keeping and maintaining a healthy balance in this industry.

What can fans expect in 2019 from Josh Butler?

I’m going to do a solo EP on ORIGINS RCRDS for the very first time which I think is probably a little overdue! There are also a few cool remix projects in the works too so keep your eyes peeled. In terms of traveling and gigs, as mentioned I’ll be heading to Australia, New Zealand and also Asia over the next couple of months, and of course I’ll be making a return to Ibiza in summer -- more details to be revealed soon.

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