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19 year old French producer Petit Biscuit has been traveling and touring the world ever since the success of his international hit "Sunset Lover." Now he shares with us where his passion for music started and how he began producing, his creative process, and his love for tasting all the Poke he can find in this interview! 

Why did you start writing music, and when and how did it change from being a hobby to a career?

It wasn’t a question, more of an instinct. My relationship with musical production started when I was 11. I was digging a lot of music on SoundCloud and discovering so much different ways of expressing feelings with sounds. I fell in love with that diversity and I’ve then decided to work on my own way to share emotions. "Sunset Lover" was the frontier between a hobby and a career because it was a worldwide hit (I’m proud of what it became without any lyrics) and I've come to understand that you can earn money with music and spend more time creating and improving your skills by making it your full time job.

You became a successful musician at an early age. What are some milestones that you set out when you first started releasing music that you have reached already? What are some that you hope to reach in the next few years and how do you plan to reach them?

I don’t believe there are that many universal milestones when you lead your own project because it’s some of the most atypical work ever and success is something unpredictable. I can only say that being an artist is all about finding the sound that defines you, and evolving into your own style, something that you’ve entirely created is the final step of being a fully accomplished artist.

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How did your life change after releasing "Sunset Lover?"

"Sunset Lover" was one of the most simple songs I’ve done and this success was really unpredictable. I was so happy to see more and more people discovering my music and spread it all around them. It’s something that defines my project well. It’s music that you wanna listen to with someone else. It’s about sharing a moment with another person, and today I understand why "Sunset Lover" was shared all around the world. It’s definitely not my favorite track from myself but the one which has the most beautiful story.

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What is your creative process like? How do you usually write songs? Specifically is there anything about how you started writing music that has changed to something like "Wide Awake?"

It’s always starting with a hook. It could be whatever you want but it has to be stuck in my head to be sure I’m continuing the production process (otherwise, I’ll let the project down and start to create another thing). When I have my hook, I’m creating a lot of textures and searching for what can be good and original to make the track unique. It can be an original synthesizer or a different way to play the guitar but all my sounds have to be very lively. In "Wide Awake," my mind blocked when I created that flute sound, which really is, by the way, a vocal chop destroyed by a lot of distortion. This is what creates all the relief in this track.

How did you come up with the concept of the video for "Wide Awake"? Do you feel like it's a message that more people should realize?

I’ve worked on this music video with a long time partner called Quentin Deronzier, who has created all my live visuals, or the "Beam" music video. I called him to make a new one and told him "I need a music video that is really impressive in the way we use CGI but also which delivers a real society conscience message." Since we wanted CGI, the first idea was obviously the frontier between reality and digital. Today, a lot of people are living their life behind their phones, as slaves to technology. We’re perpetually fed by what technology dictates, not only with some physical influences, but also in our way of thinking (even more in our way of not thinking I would say). It can be really subtle in this music video because it looks more entertaining than criticizing, but it was a cool way for me to talk about this subject before it’s too late.

Being from France and playing here in America...we all want to know... what is your favorite thing to eat when traveling here? Do you have a favorite burger or anything?

Poke Nation! Always eating poke everywhere. I made a one-month long America tour last year and we were rating all the poke we ate… next year I might release a Guinness book of poke...

What's the future look like for Petit Biscuit?

Eating more poke, making better music, touring everywhere and living his best life! That’s all I want and all you can wish me <3

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