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Magnetic Mix 020: Garden City Movement

The indie electronic trio share their Magnetic Mix on the back of their soothing new single "Miss You (Under Shimokita Sky)."
Garden City Movement

Israeli indie electronic trio Garden City Movement released their debut album Apollonia almost a year ago last March, but are not slowing down with new music. They just released a new song “Miss You (Under Shimokita Sky)” that takes their subtle, indie electronic sound and adds some uptempo drums, bringing it to the dancefloor and their primed for their live show.

With the new single and the need for mixes as we get into full swing with Miami Music Week, we asked the trio to give us a Magnetic Mix and they delivered. The trio deliver some serious afterparty vibes with downtempo and psychedelic 90s rave vibes on this mix that will give you the opportunity to both let loose or wind down as you please.

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"For this mix we felt like exploring through the downtempo club area with our own interpretation, for some moments a bit darkish and quirky but always interesting with lots of new stuff that we're excited about. With a new song and out and our first visit to Japan this is the vibe we want to go with to downtown Shibuya!"

Listen to the full mix and follow along with the tracklist.

Charlotte Adigéry - Cursed and Cussed
Credit 00 - Cruisin'
The Pilotwings - Trance En Aubrac
Lionrock - The Guide
General P.D.C - Amazon Dub (Beesmunt Soundsystem Vesion)
River Yarra - SLI GGOGG
Blackbush Orchestra - Sortez Les Filles (Kay Suzuki Alternate Remix)
Etienne Jaumet - Caravan
Alfredo Zanca - Napata Napata
Happy Mondays- Hallelujah (Club Mix) - Happy Mondays
Paula Tape- Agua Congas (Project Pablo Remix)
Zongamin- Cosmic Serpent (Original Mix)
John Makin & Friends - No Lie

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