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Nick Murphy Announces New Album 'Run Fast Sleep Naked,' Shares Single "Sanity"

This will be Nick Murphy's first album since 2014's 'Built On Glass' as Chet Faker.
Nick Murphy Chet Faker

Nick Murphy with some stuff in his mouth

Nick Murphy has announced his new album Run Fast Sleep Naked. To go along with the new album, he has unveiled the  single “Sanity."

It has been quite some time since there has been new music from Murphy, who released his last album in 2014 Built On Glass as Chet Faker. He then switched from Chet Faker to Nick Murphy for a bit of a reset.

Creating Run Fast Sleep Naked was a four-year process for Murphy. He travelled the world, recording in whatever space inspired him the most. Examining himself and his place in society, often through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s theories of the artist’s shaman-like role, he created the candid album about that searching.

They were found in spaces like his New York apartment, a Tokyo studio, his grandmother’s living room and a rental in New Zealand. The main musical component of the album was recorded in Studio 8 in Brooklyn.

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“It’s almost like I was finding different shapes and colors from around the world, and then bringing them back and putting them all together,” Murphy says in a statement. “If you sit in one space for a long period of time, you get settled and stop experiencing the world in a new way,” he adds. “There’s a kind of power in leaping into the void without set structures and systems in place.”

Dave Harrington co-produced Run Fast Sleep Naked. Brian Lacey mastered the album. It was mixed by Murphy and Phil Weinrobe. All songs were written by Murphy expect for "Hear It Now," "Sunlight," "Some People," "Yeah I Care" and "Novocaine" and "Coca Cola," which were written by Murphy and Dave Harrington. It will be released on April 26 via Downtown Records / Future Classic / Opulent. Pre-order the record here.

“Sanity” is the first single to emerge from the album, alongside a video directed by BabyBaby and filmed in the Canary Islands. It is about coping the loneliness that we sometimes feel and the struggle to stay sane in amidst it all.

Run Fast Sleep Naked Tracklist:

01. Hear It Now
02. Harry Takes Drugs On The Weekend
03. Sanity
04. Sunlight
05. Some People
06. Yeah I Care
07. Novocaine and Coca Cola
08. Never No
09. Dangerous
10. Believe (Me)
11. Message You At Midnight

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