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Nike Announces New Berlin Techno-Inspired Air Max 180

The shoes are being released later this month as a European exclusive.

Nike has announced a new European air-max 180. Inspired by techno and Berlin nightlife, the shoe features the words “UNITY” and “FREEDOM” underneath the transparent outsole and on the laces. The shoe is a base of grey, with neon green in the front and the tongue, with neon pink and black in the back and heel. The neon colors help to represent vibrant techno culture, which is contrasted by the grey, which symbolizes the concrete and brutalist architecture of the city.

The shoe will be released on March 30 and as a European exclusive unfortunately. If you have a plug though, have your guy get them for you. The Air Max 180 will retail for €150.

Endorsing and moving the campaign are Honey Dijon and Berlin imprint Keinemusik.

Honey Dijon notes, “I grew up in a time and place in club culture where artists and fashion designers and musicians all came together to build a community of like-minded spirits. It’s very important to continue that tradition.”

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Since this is a European shoe and Brexit is ostensibly scheduled to take place on March 29, we will see if people in the UK will even be able to get this shoe. 

See more pics below.

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