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If you’ve never seen STRFKR before, then let me just say this; one year ago, I had no clue who “STRFKR” was until I was gifted a ticket to one of their shows. By the end of that show, I had acquired a smile, new friends, and a new group on the “must see again” list.

Cannery Ballroom was surprisingly packed for a Wednesday night, but this could only mean one thing: imminent crowd surfing. Anticipation was at an all-time high in the large venue illuminated only by the hazy, blue-lit stage. Eventually, band members took to their stations amidst the fog. The blue was replaced by a black and white geometric overlay accompanied by philosophical quotes heard throughout many of STRFKR’s songs. The crowd settled to silence until queued lighting gave the crowd permission to dance.

What makes STRFKR’s live performance so amazing may be their effort to utilize the crowd’s five senses. Everyone comes for the beautiful sounds of STRFKR’s music, but STRFKR’s visuals flow perfectly with the music whether it be the backstage lighting or confetti. You can even feel what it’s like to keep an astronaut or alien afloat as they crowd surf, maybe even a crowd surfing flamingo if you’re lucky. I can’t vouch for smells, and everyone has different tastes, but no matter what your tastes are it’s a fact you’ll have fun at any STRFKR show.

Use your site to see what it looked like with the photo gallery below.

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