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Premiere: Chris Liebing Releases Slow Burning Remix For Lost Under Heaven 'The Breath Of Light'

Chris Liebing remixes Lost Under Heaven's into a slow burning, melodic record.
Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing explored new grounds on his 2018 Burn Slow, trying to bridge at home listening with his strong ear for the dancefloor. It didn’t always work, but it was clear that was a direction he was going to further explore. He is doing just that with his new remix for Manchester duo Lost Under Heaven and their track “The Breath Of Light," taken from their album Love Hates What You Become.

Chris Liebing keeps the struggle and anguish felt in the original, notably Ellery James Roberts’s voice fraught with tension. He strips many of the original instrumental elements and creates his own Burn Slow-styled rework. He adds in some sporadic piano, soft pads and easy-going percussion that all flow effortlessly underneath the record. The remix slowly builds as he adds one little layer at a time, but the vocals and their raw power always remain front and center.

The remix captures the originals fraught emotion and manages to channel it a little more with more of a melodic backing. For Chris Liebing, this was a song he felt he needed to remix and actually requested he do it.

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"When I first heard the album Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing by Lost Under Heaven, I was blown away by it. When the news came that their new album was about to drop, I could not resist asking if I could have a go on a remix. I picked “Breath of Light” as I felt I could stay quite close to the amazing vibe of the original yet give it a Burn Slow style treatment. Thanks guys for letting me do that!"

Lost Under Heaven explain the meaning behind the song to overcome downpression and the sad story that spawned it.

"We have been appreciative of Chris Liebing’s work for the past years so it is a real honor to hear his take on "The Breath of Light." The song is an immensely personal reflection on a Near Death Experience: a young boy drowning in the wild waves of the Celtic Sea. The experience becomes a foundational metaphor to fearlessly face and overcome the hardships of downpression, be they internal or external."

The Chris Liebing remix of “The Breath Of Light” will be released tomorrow, March 29 via Mute.

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