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Premiere: Jansons - Octave [Circus Recordings] + Interview

Let Jansons takes you up an notch
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Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive premiere from one of UK's finest house and tech labels, Circus Recordings. Taking a slight step left of their normal sound, rising talent Jansons has created a rich and soulful EP doused in classic house sounds, but with a modern edge. With Summer right around the corner, Octave is the perfect warm-up tune to get you ready for long nights of dancing and hedonism. We also sat down with Jansons for a quick chat about the release, which you can find both below. 

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Hi Jansons, thanks for sitting with us today. We are curious, how has this new year been treating you so far?

Hey, how’s it going? The new year has been good! Been very focused working hard in the studio building up a catalogue of releases ready for the year ahead, I’ve also got some exciting collabs on the go.

Your new EP is a bit of a departure from what Circus usually releases. Did you set out to make something different, or was it a natural occurrence?

I generally never set out to make a particular style of record - it all depends on my mood and what’s inspiring me at the time. I like all music so I can’t stick to making one style of house, I like to challenge myself and working with Nisha (Dope Earth Alien) was a new exciting project for me. I posted a clip of Nisha and I working on ‘Switch’ in the studio on Instagram. Yousef messaged me asking who the track was for and I said I’d love to release on Circus, and here we are!

The whole release has a very rich and warm feel to it. What were some of the tools you used to create it? Anything new?

For ‘Octave’, most of the drums come from the TR-909 and the synths were the SH-101 and Sequential Prophet 6. I love those two synths and use them a lot! There’s also lots of Spectrasonics Omnisphere in the track, which is an ace soft synth!

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I spend a lot of time sampling my old record collection and a lot of the drum sounds from ‘Switch’ come from my own sample library that I’ve created from the records along with the 909 and Native Instruments Maschine. One processing tool I use on my drums is SoundToys Devil Loc, it really brings them to life. Another tool I use for warmth is the Slate Digital Tape Machine which I put on my output. In fact, all the Slate digital plugs are great for getting that vintage analogue vibe to your tracks

'Octave' perfectly blends classic roots with a modern edge. Were there any tracks that inspired it?

I used to love trance and prog house – I love synthy, emotional, uplifting stuff. For me, artists like Kink and Bicep are great at making tracks like that. All these things were definite influences on the record.

If your studio was on fire and you could only save two items, what would they be?

My SH-101 and My Technics 1210s as it was the first piece of music gear I purchased and a huge part of my musical journey

Was there an overall message that you were trying to send with this whole release? If so, what was it?

My message is I love to make house music – all types. I really enjoyed making these records and I hope listeners and DJs do too!

Jansons' 'Switch EP' is out this Friday via Circus Recordings

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