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Premiere: Patrice Baumel Reaches Into The "Expanse" With Global Underground Compilation Cut

Get ready for a voyage through time and space with "Expanse" taken from his upcoming Global Underground compilation dedicated to Berlin.
Patrice Baumel

Patrice Bäumel is mixing the next Global Underground compilation, set for release at the end of the month. The compilation is a mammoth 49-track, 2CD edition that will arrive with a 110-page photo book and art prints. The compilation is a tribute to Bäumel’s hometown of Berlin and features artists from around the world like Shlohmo, Guy J, Egbert, Matthew Dear, Luigi Tozzi and Pig&Dan. It also has a few selections from Bäumel and we are happy to bring you one of those exclusive selections, “Expanse” for you today before it is released on the compilation.

“Expanse” is a song that lives up to its name. It brings you into a world that feels vast and massive. For those who are familiar with the books or TV show The Expanse, it feels like traveling through that. Is slow and measured, attempting to navigate the vast number of stars and worlds with an ominous synth melody repeats that your doom may be coming at any moment. Robotic voices echo, repeat and seemingly get cut off like they are stuck in a static loop. The song gets you stuck in a hypnotic daze, taking you on a time-traveling voyage through time and space. Maybe instead of space, Bäumel was thinking of a 72-hour Berlin clubbing marathon.

This is one of his exclusive records on Global Underground Berlin, which will be released on March 29. The compilation hopes to captures the essence and story of the clubbing city.

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“Global Underground Berlin tells my story of a city that has never sold out, that does not know when to stop, that sweeps you off your feet with its relentless energy, that chews you up and spits you out,” says Bäumel “Had Frank Sinatra lived today, he would be singing about Berlin, the city that never sleeps.” 

As a New Yorker, he might have sung about both.

Bäumel will play two supporting gigs for GU42: Berlin. One will be on April 6 in London and a second the following night in Berlin, playing extended sets each night.

Listen to “Expanse” below. Pre-order here.

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