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Premiere: Rome In Reverse Creates Sense of Nostalgic Euphoria on "We've Been Here" Music Video

European artist Rome In Reverse releases new music video in support of her forthcoming Future Archive Recordings album release
Rome In Reverse

Rome In Reverse

Since 2014, Italian-born, Copenhagen-based producer Antonella Pacifico has built a solid following under the moniker Rome In Reverse. Best known for her blend of dance-pop, blissed-out trance-techno, dreamy trip-hop sounds, and downtempo electronic beats, Antonella occasionally also provides live vocals. With two full-length albums and multiple tours already under her belt, Rome In Reverse will drop her newest album We’ve Been Here on March 29th on the new and revered artist-run label Future Archive Recordings. In support of her forthcoming album release, Antonella is releasing the title single off of the album accompanied by a music video. 

A cornucopia of light and sound, the music video for “We’ve Been Here,” directed by music producer and multimedia artist Sun Glitters depicts life in fast-forward, providing a dreamlike world with a surge of euphoria. The altered-state, lucid imagery brings the synesthetic elements of the song to life in a hyperspatial modality that is simultaneously both fascinating and pleasing to senses.

Rome In Reverse had this to say about the release of her new music video and album: “As with every album that I’ve made in the past, there is always one specific song that says a bit more about me than the others. When I started producing my new record last year, this track was bringing me a lot of flashbacks. I was remembering little moments hanging out with my friend, diving into a swimming pool in the early mornings. Every single place I would reach by car with my dog, I'd be listening to The Chemical Brothers. And there were so many nights that I spent performing and dancing in various clubs. These are memories of places where I spent time with those that I love. And this is what I tried to express in the music video: me dancing to speedy motion video footage, everything fast-paced, and everything in a flash.”

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Rome In Reverse We've Been Here Cover Art

Rome In Reverse is currently on tour in Italy. Be sure to be on the lookout for the launch of her new album We’ve Been Here dropping March 29th on Future Archive Recordings. Pre-order the album here.

Tracklisting for forthcoming We've Been Here album release (Out March 29th on Future Archive Recordings)

1. We’ve Been Here
2. Heyo
3. Sireno
4. Selfish (Me)
5. Mali More Touch
6. Comodo (Calme-Toi)
7. Miami Much
8. Telavivi
9. Oklahoma

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