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Real Fyre Festival Merch Being Auctioned Off By Government

Get your hands on a piece of fraudulent history.
Andy King Netflix Fyre

What most people would do for some of this merch

Fyre Festival is a fraud that never seems to go away. According to Vulture, there is a slew of merchandise that New York City is prepping to auction off to help Billy McFarland pay back the millions he owes to those he defrauded.

The auction will have a collection of real merchandise that presumably if they had been able to actually pull of a real festival would have been sold at the event. They include t-shirts, sweatshirts, wristbands and hats.

“We have an assortment of the ‘real thing’ Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and medallions,” a spokesman for the United States Marshals Service’s Manhattan office said in an email to Vulture, also writing, “We know that there is tremendous interest in these items in the NY metro area in particular.”

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On October 11, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud and running another illegal ticket side hustle while awaiting sentencing. He ended up owing $26 million to investors and others, so depending on the auction prices this may actually benefit them. A piece of real Fyre Fest merch would be something some rich kid in Soho or WeHo would wear even though they probably just missed out on the tickets.

A date has not been set for the auction and pictures are not available yet.

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