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Review: On-Stage Stands WSR7500B Rack Cabinet

Too much gear and not enough space? On-Stage Stands might have the perfect solution

What do you do when you've got too much gear and not enough desk space? Not only that, but you want to also maximize whatever space you might have left? You build a rack. A rack can come in many forms, like cabinets, boxes, and desktop stands. While all of these serve a function very well, it is the cabinet that will, in most cases, let you increase your storage and available surface area. In today's review, we'll be looking at the Rack Cabinet from On-Stage Stands. 


What is it? 

The WSR7500B is a simply designed 12u rack cabinet, with a metal frame, large tabletop, and optional casters to make it portable. 

How does it work?

Racks are, well, racks. They don't really do much more than stand there and hold your gear in place, but they do it very well. Especially this one from On-Stage Stands. It's a breeze to put together, is extremely sturdy, and combined with the large top surface, will allow you to put all kinds of things on it, such as computer setups, a large mixer, or anything else you need space for.


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What do I think?

While there might be some more luxurious options out there, personally, I like the simple and industrial design. I don't need my racks to look like designer furniture. As long as they work, keep my stuff organized, and allow me to make the most of the space I have, I'm satisfied, and that's exactly what the WSR7500B does. My favorite part is definitely the large top. I'll be adding a few more bits to my studio, so I need as much sturdy tablespace as I can get. 

Should you buy one?

If you are running out of room/have rack-mountable gear, want something inexpensive, and simple to assemble, then yes, absolutely.

Final thoughts? 

This is a real winner. It's simple, does its job well, and looks great. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one should I ever need it. 

Final score: 5/5

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