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Today, in celebration of one of the most iconic synths ever made, Roland has announced the addition of the legendary TB-303 to its Cloud-based software suite. The 303 utilizes the same ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology found in the Juno 106, Jupiter 8, and other synths on the cloud network. 


When Roland released the TB-303 Bass Line in 1981, it was marketed as a computerized bass machine to simulate traditional bass guitar. Inventive electronic musicians found a world of uses for the little silver box with the liquidlike low end. And like the Roland TR-808 and its influence on hip-hop, the TB-303 played an essential role in the development of late ‘80s-early ‘90s rave culture. To help put things into perspective, check out the video with the man who defined acid house and techno, none other than DJ Pierre. 

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