Sole & United By Blue Want To Put The "World's Most Eco-Friendly Shoe" On Your Feet

Made with wool, bamboo, rice, cork and more, this shoe is designed to be durable and good for the environment.
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SOle United By Blue Show

SOLE and United By Blue have teamed up to create a new shoe they claim to be the “World's Most Eco-Friendly Shoe.”

Launched on Kickstarter this week, the company smashed their $30,000 fundraising goal in eight hours and continues to raise money as orders come in. You can still order your shoes now in black, dark grey and beige until April 4. They will be delivered in July.

The shoe is made with Jasper Wool Eco Chukka that makes it sustainable, lightweight, durable, breathable, odor eliminating and supportive. The midsole is made from recycled cork, obtained from wine corks recycled by business and individuals around the USA and Canada. The interior sole is made from algae foam, which gives flexible cushioning, and reduces reliance on petrochemicals. The exterior sole is made with rice rubber. Its bamboo shoelaces are up to three times more durables than cotton.

It can be worn with socks or without.

For every pair sold, United By Blue will remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways and we know there is a lot of trash out there.

Get more info on the shoe, the timeline for development and how you can order via their Kickstarter page.

Sole United By Blue Shoe

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