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Weedsday Playlist: Confident Cannabis VP of Growth & Marketing Brad Bogus Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Brad Bogus

Former GM for The Cannabist, the Denver Post’s marijuana paper of record, Brad has a background in content marketing and multimedia, co-founding the multimedia production company Makeshift Productions in 2003 and the marketing and advertising agency Speak Social in 2010. He has since taken on the role of VP of growth and marketing for Confident Cannabis, a company that makes software that helps legal cannabis operators buy and sell wholesale, as well as the industry's best free LIMS for cannabis labs. Brad is also a big punk rock fan and plays music himself.

With the connection between music and cannabis firmly established in his life, it made sense to have him make us a Weedsday playlist. He includes records from the likes of Sammus, Raphael Saddiq and Rage Against The Machine.

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“Designated Hitter” by Prof

Prof is hilarious and has a unique style. This song, from his newest album Pookie Baby (of which almost any track is perfect to listen to high), is specifically about smoking weed with friends. It's fun, on the nose, and at times you feel compelled to shout "Gimme the weeeeeed!"

“Qualified” by Sammus

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The greatest thing about listening to music high is that it opens up the levels of depth, both in the music and in yourself. Sammus is a hella talented rapper, and in this song she gets particularly jazzy, as she questions whether she's good enough as a human to do the things she wants. As an entrepreneur and artist, I am constantly harrowed by the fear that I'm not qualified, that I'm a fraud. This song helps me confront that fear, and there's no better time to evaluate yourself than when you're smoking vegetables.

“Good Man” by Raphael Saadiq

I remember the first time I heard Raphael Saadiq: I was smoking weed with an activist, entrepreneur, and mayoral candidate friend of mine, Kayvan Khalatbari, in Denver at his home in the Santa Fe Arts District. I don't think there was a better way to discover Saadiq. It's soulful music, has a chill beat, and grips you in the middle of a smoky haze. You just want to dance when it's playing, and that's always a good thing.

“Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine

I'm a punk rocker at heart, and although Rage isn't exactly punk rock, activism and protest are both at the heart of cannabis usage, as well as in punk rock and Rage Against the Machine. "Freedom" was an epic track when it was released. I saw the video in '93, and it changed my life. Getting high doesn't always mean slowing down; sometimes it means focusing all your energy, passion and rage into change. This track is an easy "pick-me-up" if I need a good, hearty kick in the ass to get out and do something when I'm consuming cannabis, not just play video games and chill.

“Oxymoronic” by NOFX

NOFX is known for being witty and clever with their lyrics, and "Oxymoronic" is a perfect example of that word-smithery. It's a song excoriating the drug war, the proliferation of prescription drugs, the hypocrisy of doctors as drug dealers and people of color as prison fodder, and exposes the irony of our current drug culture in, well, the most fun and light-hearted way you can imagine. Most of the album, First Ditch Effort, is a great listen, but this song stands out particularly when using cannabis, because of its place as an exit drug from the evils this song illustrates in its lyrics.

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