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Zoma Cannabis Shares "Ringo's Gift" With The World

High Quality, EnvirOganic & CBD Dominant, Ringo’s Gift Keeps on Giving.
Zoma Cannabis

Vaping, baking, or using a bong or blunt—however you get your medication (or just stoned)—everyone uses cannabis for different reasons. For those looking to gingerly test the cannabis culture for the first time in a long-time or maybe ever, CBD-rich programs are a great way to start. The pickings for top-shelf CBD flower these days is still pretty slim, with only a few doing it right. Enter Zoma Cannabis’s headline CBD-rich strain, Ringo’s Gift, already resonating with the growing cannabis community in LA, one year after legalization.

Spencer Peterson - Founder of Zoma Cannabis

Spencer Peterson - Founder of Zoma Cannabis

The LA-based Zoma Cannabis was founded by Spencer Peterson, who is coming to the table with more than a decade’s experience in the greenbiz. Peterson has been doing this thing since the young age of 18 when he decided go move west and pursue his emerald-hued dreams… And that’s the perspective that inspired him to launch Zoma. He isn’t just in it for the green rush, but because it’s been his calling. For Zoma, it’s clear their reasons for supporting cannabis are for the good, and not just the green.

“After being so deeply involved in the cannabis industry in different areas, I saw a need for a cannabis company that made its sole mission to teach the consumer about what true organic cannabis really means. I felt confident there was an interest and that my network and knowledge was strong enough to power such a project. Having lived in LA and seen the health and wellness community thrive, I determined it to be the perfect place to be the home of ZOMA.” – Spencer Peterson 

Ringo's Gift

Ringos Gift

With Ringo’s Gift, Zoma has delivered a flower line that will make good on their mission. It provides the immense and immediate medical benefits of CBD, combined with the conscientious approach that Zoma brings overall, which is only possible due to legalization and the innovation of the cannabis culture at every angle.

So, at the core of that innovation, the question is now, what will a modern cannabis consumer look like as legalization spreads? What will become of the cannabis culture? How is Zoma’s product fitting into the question? It’s no longer just about the smoke itself, but the lifestyle and how it feels to share with the community. After all, that’s what cannabis is really for, right? What would The Dude think about all this? The Dude abides.

Cannabis Weed

As legalization spreads, the criminalization weakens (slowly) and the smoker identity changes. If you’re living in a place like Los Angeles, you’re free to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle as much as you want (well, for the most part) and as openly as you want. With that said, Zoma is also putting a focus on their packaging, delivering the customer their flower in glass jars with beautiful branding. Zoma places key information right on the box for consumers, like testing information, (CBD:THC - 11.78%: 0.537%), and farm information (Coastal Sun Farm). Between that and the branding, Zoma Cannabis is such a contrast to most of what’s out there on the market.

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It’s more appropriately named given the target market then say the out-there names like the last CBD strain I had, Zero Dark Thirty (CBD is often used for PTSD ironically) – or amusingly, and still fittingly named THC-rich strains like the classic Gorilla Glue #4 or Super Silver Haze - which while each has amazing branding potential (CC: Berner and Cookies), they don’t really lend itself to a massive CBD-audience on the face of it, and Zoma isn’t messaged towards kids. In this case, Zoma’s case for Ringo’s Gift, like a fine wine and you can really take it anywhere. No more corner dime-bags of mystery mids and no more hiding in the shadows (in states with legalization and medical that is).

Zoma Cannabis

Now having acknowledged a piece of the lifestyle angle, this is isn’t a heroically potent strain with 30% THC, and you won’t get stoned. Though, what it does have are some very specific medical benefits that are not limited to relief from physical pain and eased anxiety. CBD strains like Ringo’s Gift are central to many alternative medical treatment programs these days, and if you’re still not sure why, Ringo’s Gift will enlighten you as to why with even just one puff.

From a straight up medical perspective, folks can say goodbye to the chalky tastes of pharma-du-jour, and instead dig into something much more inviting and rewarding. Whether it's for the elderly crowd in need of compassionate medical care or serving the casual partaker indulging on the whim at a social gathering, Zoma has found a pocket with Ringo’s Gift where they can stay true to cannabis culture without sterilizing it. They’re also elevating the conversation by delivering a product that can impact your lifestyle for the better. You can show this to granny and not scare her off immediately with the name, too. After all, the name won’t just remind them of that one legendary band’s drummer, but introduce them to the work of Lawrence Ringo, an activist and CBD pioneer.

Zoma Cannabis

Ringo’s Gift has sticky, long-leafed buds packing some mighty magic with a density and form to it’s nugs that you only see from the top-shelf cannabis. From smoke to smoke, it’s a reliable, with a quick consistent onset of a soothing wave that immediately gets to the right spots, providing great relief in all the right spots. There’s not a heady buzz to weaken your faculties, but a nice cruising potential to wash away anxiety and achieve your daily agenda. Most people can’t smoke Grand Daddy Purple and still be productive, medical or recreational otherwise… It’s still all about balance and a CBD program with flower like Ringo’s Gift has so much potential for anyone to really achieve that sweet spot. It’s got an earthy, outdoor taste to it and there’s just something about it that works. The flavor exemplifies Zoma’s approach to producing what is legally certified as EnvirOganic. Zoma contextualized this, saying:

“Cannabis isn’t federally legal, therefore we are not allowed to label as organic. At the beginning stages, we had to recall and repackage many thousands of units because the word “organic” was on the package. We are certified as Enviroganic. A subdivision of Envirocann created by the team at SC Labs. The certification process is much more stringent than any other in the space, as well as in the produce industry. They test for pesticides throughout different stages of the crop’s life, not only in the end product. Organic cannabis must be fed organic food, synthetic feed is not allowed with Envirocann (this produces a more flavorful and smoother end smoke). They also certify that the cultivator uses best practices and pays fairly. We are also ecologically sustainable; We recycle water and use minimal electricity in comparison to other cannabis operations.”


So, we suggest you consider these factors when you’re looking to test the CBD waters, looking for that higher-brow flower, or just get that relief you’ve been looking for. Toke it in, and check it out. Zoma Cannabis has found a balance with Ringo’s Gift, and I think as more smokers find their way into the legal and medical marketplace, they’ll find this to be special, too. Zoma understands what power it holds to influence a generation of cannabis consumers right now in a way no brand has before, and they’re doing so in a responsible way, fulfilling their initial mission. Ringo’s Gift is literally that – a gift.

Find Ringo's Gift and all of the other quality EnvirOganic products from Zomma Cannabis here

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