Month after month, Indie Discotheque brings you the best in indie dance, synth, disco & funk here at Magnetic Magazine, and like every month, March will not disappoint. From big hitters like Foals and Two Door Cinema Club to lesser-known bands like this month's top track from Anima! Let's dive in and here the greatest indie and alternative dance songs released from the last month.

1. Anima - Toughest Man

A progressing twinkle rising upward really lifts the song in a way that makes you question what today's "tough man" is. It's a track with a title that conjures imagery not matching the playfulness of the track. Anima brings a vocal style that is staccato and simple, and a playful synth accompaniment pairs well with the bouncy nature of the percussion. 

2. Battle Tapes - Weight of the World

This is the type of alternative dance track that really brings back the height of the '00s -- a forward paced, rock-based, electronic stabbed track reminiscent of a Prodigy and Filter mashup. This is a sound that just tastes so sweet, an era where we truly felt the weight of the world on our backs. 

3. Foals - White Onions

It's the attitude and the pace of this song that is perfect for this chart. This is a fast-paced, guitar plucking, high register jam that will get you thrashing. Not just a favorite root vegetable, white onion are an element of culinary delight that is an absolute necessity in about 75% of the food I eat. 

4. Oyster Kids - Losing My Mind

This one is a whistle along song that also has an instrumental howling that is like a wolf in the night on the edge of a cliff. A lighter vocal style plays contrast to the mood and instrumentation. The tambourine plays prominently, a feature that doesn't find its way into modern music enough.

5. Two Door Cinema Club - Talk

The band is back and these guys simply can't stop talking. This thing has the groove and tempo that's going to have you singing along. The guitar accents are perfect, the woo's will have you singing, and the synth accents keep it interesting. Use your deepest voice to add the vocal sub texture.

6. Lauren Rocket - Sharks

The arrangement of this track is what has me. There is a vocal swagger, distortion, and grit in the instrumentation. Vocally the track has a level of yelling that needs just a smidge more. But if you want to swim with the sharks, you need attitude, and this track brings it. Let's go for a swim.

7. Broods - Hospitalized (St. Lucia Remix)

What an amazing combination of bands that I am completely in love with. It's a bit over compressed at times, but it's just what I'm searching for. The way Broods sing and the way St Lucia brings that extra groove is simply mesmerizing. If it were any better I might need to be hospitalized.

8. Liily - I Can Fool Anybody In This Town

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And I'd believe it, based on some of the towns I've been in, but it doesn't mean you should take advantage of the people you are surrounded with. That aside, this track is produced with a palate for cleanliness. Every sound is perfectly placed, and the sing-along backing vocal will have you awake.

9. Suns Up - Just Because

The introduction of the song is so familiar in a variety of ways, but there's something about the production fo the track and the way the vocals are layered in the chorus that really makes it unique. I love the way the vocal track is mixed in the track, and the guitar work is beautifully arranged.

10. Control Top - Chain Reaction

This track throws you right into the action the second it starts. You know Control Top means business from the distortion to the attitude, it's simply on fire. This isn't a sing-along, this one is a scream along you can thrash to on the dancefloor. There's always room for songs like this in the playlist.

11. Mayve - Head High

There's some squeaky clean production on this track, cleanliness reminiscent of Holy Ghost! and Chromeo. The synth atmosphere throughout the track is a little too forward in the mix, but my nitpicking aside, this one is an indie dancefloor filler. Crank it up while you keep your head high.

12. Aaron Taos - Take It Easy

There's something about the way Aaron Taos crafts a track that just gets me within 10 seconds of listening to the track. From the way he has the vocals paced to the cleanliness in the percussion and the bass guitar, I'm ready to just take it easy and enjoy the music he puts out there. It's great.

13. Slouch - In Your Mind

The New Order influence is apparent, but it's subtle, and Slouch has a stripped-down, no-nonsense vocal style with a lot in common with REM. There are synth textures throughout the track that have some great qualities, but overall it's just a clean alternative dance track to enjoy.

14. Sun Drug - Take My Blood

That bass and percussion. It's where it's at on this track, completely bare bones with a vocal layered overtop that has a slight distortive affect on it. The synth in the track adds great texture, and the guitar feature at the end of the track totally shreds. What isn't there to like about this banger?

15. Van Goose - Where's My Guy?

I don't know where your guy is, Van Goose, but I do know that I love your music and the cowbell you have so prominently featured throughout this track. There's a ton of DFA influence in the music of Van Goose, but it's the pace of percussion and simple guitar work throughout that really clicks.

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