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500,000 "Lost" Myspace Files Have Been Recovered After Company Botches Data Migration

Some of the 50 million lost files have been saved.

News broke a few weeks ago that Myspace lost 12 years of files hosted on the site during a botched “server migration” that led to a large outcry of nostalgia and a reckoning that artists shouldn’t rely on tech companies to be the only host of their files. Now there is a slight sliver of good news – someone saved about 500,000 files from that botched migration.

These songs are a part of the 50 million lost from 2003 to 2015 during the previously mentioned migration that went completely awry. The recovered tracks are from 2008-2010, so not peak Myspace era, but still during an important time of the social network.

The songs were published on The Internet Archive by an “anonymous academic group” that was studying music networks while Myspace was active according to The Verge. They saved 1.3 terabytes of music from Myspace and when this debacle happened they sent it to The Internet Archive.

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There is an online interface that looks like the old Myspace player, which allows you to search, u so you don’t have to try and download all of the songs. These were already downloaded before the migration, so it doesn’t seem likely more large batches of files will emerge.

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