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AIAIAI Pays Tribute To Closed Record Stores With T-Shirt Collection Curated By Designer Trevor Jackson

Celebrate iconic record stores like Groove Records & Salinas with a t-shirt collection.

Danish headphone company AIAIAI has teamed up with designer Trevor Jackson to create a t-shirt collection that pays tribute and celebrates some closed records stores from around the world.

Designers from Paris, London, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin and Tokyo all contributed their own work remembering some iconic stores like Groove Records, Salinas, Cisco, Kim’s Music & Video, Pinky and Street Dance Records.

“I spent a large part of my youth in a the basement of record stores obsessively digging through racks of vinyl learning as much about design as I did record labels, writers, musicians, producers & engineers,” explains Trevor Jackson via Fact Mag.

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T-shirt sale proceeds will go to AIAIAI’s RPM Foundation, which supports musicians and artists in their creative endeavors.

See the designs and get the t-shirts here.

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