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Bandcamp Unveils New Crowd-Funding Vinyl Pressing Service

Get your vinyl pressed through bandcamp.
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Bandcamp has increasingly become an outlet for artists to make money from selling their music as digital downloads from other music stores have plummeted in the past five years. Now Bandcamp is taking a big step to try and address a problem that many artists face on Bandcamp – creating vinyl. It has launched a new vinyl crowdfunding service that allows artists to create a campaign that would allow them to raise money to launch and press vinyl through a manufacturer Bandcamp is working with.

The service doesn’t require any up front investment, so once the crowdfunding campaign fulfills a certain number of records, the vinyl can start to be pressed almost immediately, according to Bandcamp. We will see if wait times creep up in a scenario where more artists start to use this and the plant gets put at maximum capacity.

Bandcamp will press your records, print the packaging and ship to fans. Artists can make the design and set the price. A pilot program has already been rolled out with a few records.

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With the fall of Pledgemusic, this will fill an important gap in the need for crowd funding in music. 

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