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Clergy Records Drops Limited New Apparel

Quality gear, for the streets and the club
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Artists, labels, brands...merchandise is no stranger to any of these. In fact, some rely on merch sales to stay afloat. However, many times, the quality of the materials used are the cheapest you can find. There's nothing wrong with this, as it can even add a bit of appeal to your favorite band shirt. However, sometimes, you get artists or brands that really care about everything they do. Take techno for example.  Vinyl is still one of the main mediums artists consume their music in. This attention to detail is prevalent in all the content they create. Such is the case for Cleric and his Clergy Records output. 

In the nearly two years since we spoke with Jorden, he's risen the ranks to become one of the most sought after and respected young guns in the scene, and thus his brand and label Clergy have also been flourishing. To keep things fresh and moving, the label is rolling out wearable merchandise that you'd actually want to wear. As of now, tees and hoodies are what is on offer, but it's the quality, much like his own music, that makes these pieces stand out. For now, the hoodies come in black with the option for either black or white text. What's really important to note here is a very small detail that again shows the attention to the little things. Look at the dipped ends on the drawstring. While seemingly insignificant, that's something you will find on high-end designer products, not another label sweatshirt. 

Black - White hoodie Female
Black - Black hoodie Close up
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Matching tees will be available soon, but if you can't wait, Clergy does have logo tees that are of equal quality, coming in white, black, and maroon. You can grab those here.

white tee back
Again, notice the detailing of the brand tags. Those are not cheap!

Again, notice the detailing of the brand tags. Those are not cheap!

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