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DJ Craze Wants DJs To Embrace The Sync Button

Is he wrong?
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DJ Craze

DJ Craze started a debate over the weekend over the veer controversial sync button. Contrary to conventional wisdom by many purists, he is actually in favor of the sync button. The sync is “your friend” according to the skilled turntablist and others should embrace it. Obviously this got some DJs riled up who were confused as to why he would embrace something that has been seen as a tool to kill off the art of Djing or a set of training wheels for those who don’t want to learn or want to coast through pre-planned gigs. Where is a finer line in this and what is this all about?

DJ Craze doesn’t want you to just hit the sync button and do all the work as you mix from one song to the next for an easy paycheck over an hour set without doing anything in between. That is the opposite of what he is about and the opposite of what he is advocating. In a follow up tweet, he notes that beatmatching is an elementary skill and that the sync button frees you up to do more creative skills.

If you are as skilled a DJ as Craze, it makes sense to use the sync button as a foundation and work on those other skills that make your set more interesting for yourself and the crowd. Djing is a creative art form, so tech that helps unlocks that without compromising the craft should be embraced.

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However if you are still perfecting beatmatching, then hone that first before potentially relying on the sync button to work on more advanced skills live. This is the foundation of DJing, so trying to skip past this will leave your career on shaky ground.

If you can’t walk, you won’t be able to run. You never know what the next bit of tech will be, so if you haven’t mastered the a critical building block of Djing, then you will be at a disadvantage going forward. It will also allow you more versatility for DJ equipment that may not have a sync button. Practice and you will be able to then level up to sync and work on more advanced skills. However, if you are already there, don't ignore the sync button because it does helps do something easy for you. Use that time to do other tricks while DJing that will help separate you from the pack.

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