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Enzo Siragusa Announces Debut Album 'A Decade Of Rave'

The Fuse London founder is ready with his debut album out later this month.
Enzo Siragusa

Enzo Siragusa has announced his debut album A Decade of Rave. The FUSE London founder and resident will release his album later this month on April 26.

The record will include two ambient cuts and eight straightforward, dancefloor-minded records that capture the FUSE sound. The music spans two years of studio sessions and looks to channel a decade of FUSE parties and decades more of musical influences into a ten-track album.

“My love for London’s most fertile period of rave culture in the ‘90s is the heart of FUSE. Starting at our original home of 93 Feet East where we revived a sense of how incredible clubbing was back then, giving a stand out experience to our community similar to that which left such an impression on me when I stepped into my first rave in 1993,” explains Siragusa in a statement.

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The album continues the label and event brand’s celebration of 10 years as they tour the world throwing parties in honor of 10 years of events. A Decade of Rave will be released on April 26 via Fuse.

A Decade of Rave tracklist:

1. Good Night (digital only)
2. Beautiful Emi
3. Stromboli
4. Mixed Emotions
5. Paradigm Shift
6. Lost and Found in 93 (digital only)
7. Voodoo
8. Deeper Inside
9. Rollin’ Riddm ft MC Rossko
10. Mysterious

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