EU Parliament Passes Law To Ban Use Of Ticketing Bots

Now it heads to the European Council and then to member countries.
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A big step has been taken in the fight against bots. Last week the EU Parliament voted to ban the use of automated software (bots) that are used to buy tickets for any sort of event online.

The law prevents traders and ticket buyers from buying more than the allotted amount using automated software. The text via Billboard says, “traders should be prohibited from reselling to consumers tickets to cultural and sports events that they have acquired by using software such as 'bots' enabling them to buy tickets in excess of the technical limits imposed by the primary ticket seller.”

Professional ticket sellers have to identify themselves. Now the European Council needs to approve of the legislation and then member states will have two years to create their own national law from this. The UK has already started to crack down on ticket resellers, notably Viagogo, and will be out of Europe by the time this all comes into effect.

"Everyone apart from touts lose out from bot bulk buying of tickets, real fans either are unable to see their favorite team or artist or forced to pay many times the face value price, whilst event organizers are seeing their purchasing limits flagrantly violated,” said MEP (Members of the European Parliament) and rapporteur Daniel Dalton, who led the implementation of the EU law changes via Billboard.

The wide reaching law also requires online marketplaces and comparison services like Amazon, Airbnb and eBay to disclose how they rank products and services, ban fake reviews and disclose paid placement. 

Hopefully when this is fully implemented, it is done well and actually enforced. But now bots have years to get ready, so expect the battle to rage well after this is passed.

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