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As part of their Breath 2019 spring tour, psybass duo Desert Dwellers (Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe) recently performed for Insomniac Events at Los Angeles venue 1720. The intimate venue served as the perfect backdrop for Desert Dwellers as they performed old tunes as well as new tracks off of their newest album Breath dropping April 26 on Black Swan Sounds. The duo laid down their signature sound composed of rich Middle Eastern folk music, tribal house, and magnetic rhythms. Passionate and mystical overtones entranced dancers into a state of hypnotic reverie. Dela Moontribe, a close friend of Desert Dwellers and an integral part of Moontribe over the past twenty years, and psychedelic dub artist Symbolico from Israel provided pleasurable opening sets.

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers’ set featured fan favorites such as their remix of renowned chill / ambient artist Bluetech’s “Dawn Ascent” as well as their most recent track release “Traversing the Endless Road” featured on Breath. Inspired by the legacy of ancient heritage, “Traversing the Endless Road” provides cinematic soundscapes of Persian lore underscored by vivid vocal work from longstanding Desert Dwellers collaborators Ricardin and Meagan Chandler, spirited drum play of Drumspyder, and vibrant instrumental work by world-fusion devotee Māh-Ze-Tā. “Traversing the Endless Road” explores the sensuous, mystical and celebratory spirit imbued into the very essence of world music. The vibe continued to build as the night continued. While Desert Dwellers performed for almost two hours total in length, fans were trapped into a mesmerizing state of euphoric bliss.

Desert Dwellers

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Desert Dwellers will continue their 2019 Breath spring tour as the duo opens for Shpongle at Red Rocks on May 3 and 4, which will be followed up by a performance at Lightning in a Bottle. Breath drops April 26 on Black Swan Sounds; you can pre-order the album now. The album celebrates the culmination of two decades of partnership between Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe.

Pre-order Breath here

Upcoming Dates – Desert Dwellers Breath Tour 

4/19: Lakewood, Ohio
4/20: Covington, Kentucky
4/26: Spring Up Celebration, Kansas
4/27: Tulsa, Oklahoma
4/28: San Francisco, California
5/3-5/4: Red Rocks, Colorado
5/9-5/13: Lightning in a Bottle, CA
5/17: San Diego, California
6/1: Austin, Texas
6/13: Anthropos Festival, UK
6/29: Lovelight Festival, NJ

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