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Exclusive: Nadja Lind Selects Her Top 10 Releases Of Lucidflow

A retrospective look on the label's past decade

Reaching the 10-year milestone with any project is no small task, especially in the world of record labels. Lucidflow is one such label celebrating this milestone, and to help with the said celebration, we asked co-founder Nadja Lind to select her 10 favorite releases from the past decade. 

Words by Nadja Lind


10 Years Lucidflow Anniversary
Counting 166 releases and our 10th Vinyl release this year. It's very hard to choose only 10 tracks from the massive back catalog with so many amazing artists and music.

1.) Klartraum - Pain Relief (Nadja Lind & Helmut Ebritsch)

One of our most successful and beloved Klartraum tunes so far. I vividly remember creating this track with Helmut in our studio in Berlin. I just bought Urs Heckmann's (U-He) Zebra Synth and we had lots of fun jamming on our two synchronized devices.

Pain Relief was officially remixed by G-Man, Silicone Soul, Ocean Gaya, and Hernan Cattaneo, including a personal edit for himself. It was charted No.1 by Maceo Plex and Steve Rachmad. The Silicone Soul's Hypnohouse Dub Remix appeared on Lucidflow Vinyl and also on our first album 'Evolution'.

2.) Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine - Making A Difference

one of my all time favorites as well. I can't count how many times I've played this track across the world and how many people remind me to play it or talk to me about this track. It also appeared on Lucidflow vinyl and got repressed in a different colored, limited vinyl series several times. It was beautifully remixed by Funk D'Void, Helmut Ebritsch, and Silicone Soul. Can't wait to fire this one off at Burning Man!

3.) Klartraum - Unique Shadow (Steve Rachmad Vocal Dub)

Steve Rachmad loved this track so much that he made a whole bunch of remixes and all of them are awesome. This Vocal Dub version was later pressed on Lucidflow Vinyl and appeared on our 'Evolution Remixes Album' with additional remixes from Marek Hemmann, Mark Henning, Terry Francis, UGLH amongst other fantastic artists.

4.) Klartraum - Grinsekatze (Patrick Chardronnet Remix)

Grinsekatze is from our latest album ‘Void Universes’ which appeared at the end of October 2018, right after Klartraum played live in concert at the beautiful Passion Church in Berlin Kreuzberg. It was such an amazing evening and the vibe was great.
Patrick Chardronnet, who I've admired since I started my vinyl collection, did an awesome job on this one. He crafted a BIG club tune.

5.) Klartraum - Diving Dancer (Ian Pooley Remix)

Love this remix. It's such a warm, peaceful, uplifting and timeless summer vibe. Simply fantastic. Appeared on Lucidflow 2nd Album 'Secret Moon' vinyl with Vince Watson and Weisses Licht Remixes.

6.) Nadja Lind - Tribe Dub (Brendon Moeller Reshape)

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Brendon Moeller delivered two great remixes on this one. I am very proud of this release! Also, Tigerskin & Jack Jenson did a fantastic interpretation. The marbled, smokey, orange vinyl, looked even better than I hoped for. It was sold out right away.

7.) Helmut Ebritsch- The Maze

The Maze is simply amazing! Helmut has such an impressive production experience and his mastering is much appreciated by many artists and labels. Can't believe we are already celebrating 13 years Klartraum this year!

8.) Helly Larson & Riccicomoto – Moving Dub (Deep Spelle Remix)

Helly Larson and Riccicomoto are with us from the very beginning with always amazing deep and dubby vibes. We dearly miss Helly Larson. It's so sad he had to go so soon. His music will stay with us forever and we will always remember the good times we had together. This remix from Deep Spelle, who Helly deeply admired, is a perfect appreciation tribute to Helly.

9.) Nadja Lind – Ignore & Block (Terry Lee Brown Junior Dub)

Terry Lee Brown Junior is perhaps my greatest influence on electronic music. I think I listened to his ‘From Dub Till Dawn’ album for days in a row. Love this guy and super stoked to have him remix ‘Ignore & Block’ in such a typical TLB dub manner!

10.) Nadja Lind – Drifting Elements (Chris Lattner Remix)

Everywhere I play or go people ask me for this track! Brilliant!
Also, on this vinyl are collabs with Brendon Moeller and Quintin Christian. A few copies of the beautiful ‘Yellow Edition Repress’ are still in stock.

BONUS: D. Diggler – Modularis

I know it's only supposed to be 10 but how could I forget my beloved D. Diggler who I've admired and played since I got involved in this genre of music. So check out his latest on Lucidflow – Modularis EP

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