How It Was Made: Jaded 'Slippin' ft Black Caviar x Anthony & Cleopatra [Hexagon]

Words by Jaded

Welcome to yet another edition of our fan-favorite series 'How It Was Made'. This time, we welcome UK-based trio Jaded, whose recent collaboration 'Slippin' with Black Caviar and Anothy & Cleopatra on Don Diablo's label Hexagon, has been quite the hit. Below, you'll see a bit of the gear used, as well as how it was all utilized. 

Words by Jaded


SHURE SM7B mic & NEVE 1176 preamp (500 series)

All of the vocals heard in Slippin were recorded on the SHURE SM7B mic and ran through the NEVE 1176 preamp (500 series) to get that crispy sound our vocal has. We love the versatility of the SM7B and It does a great job of allowing us to capture vocal ideas instantly when we work with artists in sessions. Once we’ve recorded all the vocals we will usually process them with effects like alter boy or nectar until we get our desired sound.


The KORG MS20 played a major role in the track as its where we got our gritty bass sound from. The MS20 never disappoints!

JADED - How It Was Made #3


We purchased this little gem a few years ago and often go to it for our prominent lead sounds. All of the main leads you hear in Slippin are from the OP-1.

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When it comes to drums we like to switch it up. All three of us have accumulated our own drum banks over the years so we often chuck them into MASCHINE and get busy. Although it’s software-based it gives us a chance to switch up the workflow instead of clicking 24/7. This enables us to create a great swing and rhythm to our drums. By either using the quantize features it has or by playing live to really feel and create our desired groove.

JADED - How It Was Made


The Moog sub 37 has been our latest purchase and has quickly become a staple in our production. A lot of the new material coming out this year features sounds from this meaty synthesizer. We tend to press record in logic x and play around with all the modulation, filters, etc until we create something completely fresh. Then we will dissect and cut out all the little gems that this synth can provide. It’s super easy to use and fun get your hands dirty with so we draw for this a lot.

JADED - How It Was Made #2


All three of us are currently using Logic X but will sometimes switch over to Abelton. We love how easy it is to play samples in real-time especially when we’re creating house music. It speeds up the workflow immensely and it enables us to capture a vibe pretty much instantly.


Some other honourable mentions are the Korg monologue and the Ob6. We know these synthesizers inside out and always know they will deliver when we’re looking for that rich and full analogue sound.

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