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Hyperx QuadCast USB Mic Review

The perfect mic to up your audio game for live streaming on popular platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YT

If you take yourself even a little bit serious when it comes to decent sounding audio on your live stream, it's time to consider getting an external USB mic to clear things up. 

Whether you are talking to friends on skype, coordinating with your fellow gamers (or talking smack to them) or just doing your YT vlog vids - the HyperX QuadCast will help you get professional sounding audio all with a very dope aesthetic if the mic is on camera - the thing looks badass. 

With popularity skyrocketing with content creators across the galaxy brands like Blue Mics, Razer and HyperX are offering decently priced mics that help users to get crisper, brighter sounding audio for their audiences. Now, gaming-first companies like Razer and HyperX are rushing into that space.

The HyperX QuadCast USB microphone comes in at around $140 and is compatible with PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. HyperX has put a heavy emphasis on gamers as that's a huge part of their brand DNA and they know what their audience is looking for. 

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Higher Quality Audio?

Yes, we will repeat it - audio MATTERS. You will sound better on every level from clarity to volume, and the QuadCast delivers some very high-quality audio for a USB mic. Yes, XLR mics do sound better but hey are also hard to set up and usually more expensive for the whole kit - so if you are a hobbyist or even a prosumer type, this mic should do the trick. This mic is on par with other brands/models in its class and has the added advantage for on-camera users - it looks as good as it sounds. 

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Like some of its competitors, the QuadCast features the standard patterns that pick up audio in four different ways: stereo, omnidiretional, cardioid, and bidirectional. If you are going it solo, which most gamers are, the best setting is cardioid to get that bright broadcaster style sound also keeping background noise to a minimum - to some degree anyway. 

If you have your gang of Red Bull chugging firehot Cheetos munching bros in the basement, you can flip it to omnidirectional to get an excellent pick up of the peanut gallery banter in a pinch. Dedicated mics are a much better solution if you are doing podcasts or you need each participant to be crystal clear; otherwise, this mode should do you just fine.

The cool features: 

The audio on the QuadCast can hold court with just about all the USB mics in its class, but there are some features that do put it ahead of the pack in some respects.

The Red LED Glow - The mic lights up red when it's recording or "hot" so you have a very obvious visual cue that you are live. This feature is genius, especially for shit talkers that think they are mute... no more embarrassing moments! To mute yourself and your foul mouth friends, just tap the top and you are muted - super easy.

Shock mount - If your desk is shaking because of all the mouse and keyboard action, your shock mount will help to absorb some of that motion keeping things a little quieter. Another trick is to place the mic on top of a piece of a yoga mat to get extra vibration from your finger pounding. 


If you take the time to dial in this mic and get it set up correctly for what you are using it for you should be quite pleased with your investment. One of the huge highlights of this mic is the simple glowing indicator function to let you know if you are "hot" and the touch control to turn it on and mute it is dead simple - it also looks stellar on camera. With the inclusion of the shock mount and above average aesthetic, the QuadCast has a bit of an edge on its competitors, especially for gamers. 


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