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Jordan Rakei Announces New Album 'Origin' With Single "Say Something"

The album will be released in June on Ninja Tune.
Jordan Rakei

New Zealand-born singer, producer and songwriter Jordan Rakei has announced his new album Origin. The now London-based artist has unveiled a new single “Say Something” to help push the record announcement.

Origin follows Rakei’s 2017 album Wallflower, which really helped break him out globally. Now two years later, he hopes to build on that momentum with an even bigger album Origin. Unlike Wallflower which was quite introspective, Origin will look to the future and the world around us. It is inspired by dystopian views of our future, notably shows like Twin Peaks, Black Mirror and The Handmaid’s Tale. He also explores how technology is impacting human interaction. “"I'm worried that we're losing a sense of connection,” he says in a statement.

The new single “Say Something” follows that same pathway, taking a look into the future, demanding humans fight against AI overlords who rule over the planet. It has all of the soulful beauty you want from Rakei, but with a futuristic twist.

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Rakei will tour pretty extensively around the world starting in May, hitting dates in the UK, US, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. A smattering of festival dates is also included in the bunch.

Origin will be released on June 14 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order the record here.

Origin Tracklist:

01. Mad World
02. Say Something
03. Mind's Eye
04. Rolling into One
05. Oasis
06. Wildfire
07. Signs
08. You & Me
09. Moda
10. Speak
11. Mantra

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