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Playlist: Get Ready To Party In The Desert With Kölsch's Coachella Playlist

Kolsch gives us his tunes to listen to before heading to Coachella this year.HouseCoachella

Coachella is just about here. Various sectors of the internet will start to freak out about it, but the most important part is the music. Getting yourself ready for the festival is paramount each day and we tasked Kölsch with giving us a playlist that should do the trick.

Kölsch delivers eight tracks that will have you bee lining for the Yuma Tent where he will play over the two weekends, but keep your mind, body and ears open to the whole festival. He includes tunes from himself, Visage, Omar S and others in his playlist. Kölsch plays on Friday from 6:45 to 8:15 in the Yuma tent.

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1. Kölsch and Sasha - The Lights

My latest single and collaboration with the legend Sasha. Cant wait to play this in the Yuma tent.

2. Omar S - Light Year Flight

I was fortunate enough to play after Omar at Coachella last year, and he is such an amazing artist. This track is new, and it's some of the best melodic techno I’ve come across for years.

3. Somerville Wilson - Yantar (Fango Remix)

This is just such an anthem. It is so big for me.

4. Avision - Work It Out

Nothing makes me happier than a killer techno track, and this is it. So good.

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5. Shinedoe - Artificial Era

Incredible groover from the OG Queen of Techno.

6. Visage - Fade to Grey

Dug this classic out again. It was so influential and still sounds fresh.

7. P.leone - Walked Into My Life

Motown tech. Incredible.

8. Engyon - For A Better Tomorrow

Melodic techno that gives me the feels.

Listen to the playlist below.

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