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Lights/Out Premiere: Fidelity Kastrow - Wolf Clan [NovaMute] + Interview

"I tend to see an image or even a whole mental video in my mind..."
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Today, Magnetic and legendary label NovaMute bring you a premiere from rising talent Fidelity Kastrow. 'Wolf Clan', taken from three track 'Daughter Of Darkness' EP. Although fairly simple in overall production, it's the space each element in the track has that allows the whole piece to stand out. However, while the track is simple and stripped back, the galloping bassline adds a solid driving and infectious groove. To find out more about both the track and the whole release, we caught up with Fidelity for a quick chat.

Fidelity Kastrow press pic by David Ulrich

What was the inspiration for the tracks?

I haven’t started with a specific idea in mind but I’d say I’m strongly inspired by the music that I play out as a DJ as well as the music that I discover through other artists when I go out clubbing in Berlin, which is mostly at Sisyphos and every so often at Berghain. As a Berliner and a DJ, I’m going out mostly on Sundays. The vibe, then, is less banging and tends to be a bit slower BPM-wise. Personally, I really enjoy the time when the somewhat worn out Saturday night crowd mixes with the Sunday daytime crowd. This mixture of people seems most sensitive, openminded and united. Being on the dance-floor and part of the crowd then is often the time where I feel a sense of 'us‘ and being part of the same tribe, which I find relaxing and refreshing. And in that state of mind, I often get ideas and feel inspired, so my best studio days tend to be Mondays. I also like music that touches into deeper feelings and gives some kind of release or relief and keeps me locked in and dancing, even if my feet hurt and I’m totally tired. That’s when that feeling of togetherness can happen when like-minded people dance together for long periods of time. I guess 'Daughter Of Darkness‘ and ’The Huntress’ are intuitively inspired by that Sunday daytime vibe, where it might be daylight outside but people like me prefer to hang out in dark, industrial cave-like warehouse spaces, sweat and shuffle their dusty feet alongside other like-minded souls. 'Wolf Clan‘ on the other hand is a track that is more inspired by my other perspective of the dance-floor when I'm standing behind the decks as the DJ. It’s more driving, building and peak-time friendly, a track to raise the energy and hopefully get some arms in the air.

Why the track titles? How significant?

At some point in the process of the tracks coming to life and starting to take shape, I tend to see an image or even a whole mental video in my mind. It might be inspired by a synth sound or the general vibe or suddenly just pop into my mind and then the track title becomes clear and also the direction and arrangement of the track starts to become more concrete.

How relevant is it that you’re a Berliner to the music? How much does life in Berlin influence your music and in what ways?

Berlin still has a strong culture of principles over profits, which allows space for experimentation without the immediate pressure to succeed. Berliners feel strongly about freedom of expression, freedom of speech, alternative lifestyles, tolerance and inclusion and I feel I have experienced more personal freedom in (post-cold-war) Berlin, than in any other city I’ve spent time in. This also means I don’t have to try to fit in musically which is a great blessing and a freedom that has definitely influenced my music and allowed me to express myself without having to appeal to a specific sound. Berlin is also a city of long parties and long DJ sets, which allows you to go off the beaten track and chose or make tracks that are not just obvious instant gratification peak-time-bombs.

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How much do you identify with the term techno? What about techno becoming mainstream? How does that affect you?

To me personally, techno is for misfits and I identify as one. I’m also perceiving techno still very much as a sub-culture. And sub-cultures are by their very nature anti-establishment movements. So techno becoming mainstream sounds like an oxymoron to me. Although generally, I feel that it is a very positive development when a sub-culture with strong values grows into a global movement. It is however vital not to lose these values along the way.

How about Berlin’s club scene? What makes it different from elsewhere?

The strict door policies, no-camera-rule, long operating hours, strong DIY attitude, up-cycling philosophy, affordable entrance charges and bar prices are just a few of the things that first spring to mind that support and protect Berlin's diverse and socially conscious club community, where your vibe and credibility are more important than the contents of your wallet or your social media follower count.“

Fidelity Kastrow's 'Daughter Of Darkness' EP will be out on vinyl April 26, and digitally May 24th. 

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