Magnetic Live: Eli Brown At Halcyon SF [4.26.18] + Interview

We are bringing one of our favorite house heads to The Bay

The Magnetic Mag monthly residency at West Coast hotspot Halcyon SF continues with the talented Eli Brown this Friday, April 26. We caught up with the prolific producer and all around good guy after his epic run at Miami Music Week.


Eli you played six gigs in four days! What is your secret to surviving such a demanding schedule?

Hahaha, the secret is simple…don’t stop. I don’t think I slept all week, not something I would normally condone but its Miami so what are you going to do?

You played three massive parties; DIRTYBIRD, TOOLROOM and REPOPULATE MARS all in one day! How did it go?

It was amazing, last year I flew in for one or two small shows and this year I was privileged to play some of the best shows that week all in one day. Each show was different. I started the day at Toolroom, which was sick! Then went to Repopulate Mars which was something else, playing a rooftop in downtown as the sun was setting, wow what can I say. Finally, and probably the highlight of the whole week, playing the Space Terrace at 11 am for the Dirtybird guys. Honestly, if you’ve not been to Space in Miami then I can’t recommend it enough!

Do you find yourself mixing it up drastically from set to set or did you keep it pretty consistent?

I find I keep it fairly consistent, I mean depending on the venue, set time and vibe I'll always change it up to an extent but I like to keep the vibe of my DJ sets fairly similar to what I make which is high energy dance floor music.

What are your current go-to bangers?

I played a whole load of my new stuff and the reaction was great, in particular, my new collab with Noizu smashed it and it was great to see Fisher, Chris Lake, Lee Foss, and Solardo all dropping it as well.


That must be incredibly exciting to hear them dropping your tracks! You were a successful Drum & Bass DJ prior to this massive house music career you’ve curated. Do you ever revert to your D&B roots?

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Yeah, drum and bass is in my roots for sure, I’m sure you can hear that in my productions. I’m always keeping an ear in drum and bass but I’m not into dropping drum and bass into my sets as I like to keep my sets rolling between house and techno as that’s what I’m really feeling and there’s so much great music I don’t get to play already!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever done while performing?

Haha! I don’t know if it's totally appropriate that I tell this story but I covered some girl in whipped cream once! Some EDM DJ had it on their rider and didn’t turn up so I felt it would be rude to waste it and the girl seemed to like whipped cream.

Hahaha! Definitely not the response we were expecting, but thank you for sharing! Any big deals or collaborations sealed this year behind the scenes?

Yes, a lot of really exciting stuff but not a lot I can divulge at this time, you’ll just have to come hear me play and see if you can work it out!

Miami is always a great time. When was your first visit to MMW and how has your experience changed since then?

My first Miami trip was in about 2003 when I was a spotty teenager. I went on holiday and it was amazing. I went to a load of crusty drum and bass raves in downtown and it was great as it was a perfect opportunity to network with all the DJ’s, especially as I was an up and coming drum and bass DJ/Producer at the time. In terms of how it’s changed, certain things are the same, for example, the fact you get to hang out and meet all your DJ friends and peers and that makes it great for networking and probably my favorite part of the whole Miami experience. The clubs, parties, and ravers have changed a lot since the early 2000’s obviously, I wouldn’t say either is better or worse, just different. If you’ve not been to MMW make sure you do, it’s wild!

What other destinations offer lots of networking opportunities for artists?

Miami is by far my favorite but ADE in Amsterdam is also a lot of fun and a similar vibe however I’m told a lot more actual business gets done at ADE! Ibiza is also great over the summer as I love playing there and taking in a bit of a holiday as its beautiful place.

One thing is certain, wherever you play you deliver a fresh musical perspective! We look forward to you playing Halcyon San Francisco this Friday!

Thank you, I love San Fran and what the gals are doing at Halcyon. I can’t wait to come hang and play for you!

Tickets: www.halcyon-sf.com

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