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Magnetic Mix 022: Capa + Interview

One of progressive's rising talents drops a hot mix and interview

Today, Magnetic presents to you the latest addition to our Magnetic Mix series, this time featuring rising progressive talent Capa. The Swedish producer has been on hiatus the past couple years, but he's returned in peak form with his new release Fragments. To accompany his mix, we caught up with him for a quick chat to get a bit more insight on him. 


Caweh, you have been a firm favorite within the progressive scene for some time now – always bringing unique, fresh anthems each and every time. There is something in the Swedish waters for sure…. How do you start ideas?

Thank you very much! In 70% of my ideas, I start off with the melody and then build the track around that. But sometimes I start off with a groove and a bass line, it all comes down to what kind of track I want it to be.

You have an 80’s-esque influence within your records, it really works with progressive. Who has been a real inspiration to your sound?

I get inspired by pretty much anything that sparks emotion in me. When it comes to what inspires my sound I’d have to say Daft Punk (one of my earliest electronic music memories), Eric Prydz, Kavinsky, M83, and the list goes on. I generally love anything with a synthy 80s vibe.

If you were on a desert island with a computer (obviously) and could have an airdrop of one synthesizer – which one would that be? And why?

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Moog One. You get the lush Moog sound with the amazing ladder filter + this one has 8 voices so everything you could possibly need from bass to leads and pads. For drums, I’d use coconuts from the island.

For all those who struggle a little with synth programming, and creating unique, individual sounds – what advice would you share with them in making sounds that stand out from the crowd?

When I started out designing my own sounds I usually would find a preset that sounded cool and then I’d just experiment with the different oscillators, modulators, and envelopes. The more you experiment the more you understand the way a synth is programmed. After a while, you’ll be able to make any sound in an instant on pretty much any synth as they all (well, the majority) have the same basic parameters.

'Fragments' is your brand new release on Zerothree, dark, moody and driving, however, you manage to keep that epic vibe as always. What was the story behind this record?

I started this out as an idea at the end of the summer and when my dear friend and manager Jamie came over for a visit we sat down and laid the foundation keeping it melodic and big. The darkness slowly started taking over in Sweden and so did it in my studio as well, resulting in a darker more bass oriented groove.

Finally, what is to come, what is happening in Capa’s life and is there more music on the horizon?

Right now I’m studying programming, app development, and in my spare time, I try my best to fit in as much music as I can. I have a lot of unfinished and some nearly finished tracks that I can’t wait to show you all! 

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