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Manchester DJs Set World Record For B2B Set Relay With 182 Different DJs

That's a lot of DJs.
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Manchester is home to many things, including the greatest season in premier league history (sorry Man U) and now it has a new world record. The Manchester DJ community came together on April 18 to set the world record for the longest B2B DJ relay.

To do this, each DJ only played one song. They had four minutes between once in the booth between mixing into your record and then and handing over to the next DJ. They wanted to have a continuous mix throughout even with the vast number of DJs coming in and out of the booth.

According to the event page, they intended to run this through 160 DJs, but in the end had 182. It started at 11am at the Joshua Brooks and ran until about 10pm. The previous record held by Australians was 149, so they smashed that.

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The record stunt wasn’t just for the books, but also raised money for Greater Manchester homelessness charities - Mustard Tree and Share Tanzania.

“Manchester is a hot bed for electronic music, with so many incredible DJs, promoters and nights emerging from the city", said Daniel Williams a Manchester promoter who helped put this together via Mixmag. “Coupled with such a rich musical history, I just felt that it was right that this world record should be attempted here."

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