Chicago, the birthplace of house music, just got a little bit cooler. The $280 million renovation of the 95th street stop on the Red Line will feature a DJ booth, among other art concepts. The new train and bus complex will have multiple art pieces including tapestries made out of police hoses to serve as a reminder of the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement.

The new station has been designed to examine and illuminate the past, while also looking ahead to the future and remain tied to the Chicago South Side. The North Side of the building houses the DJ booth in a place being known as An Extended Song of Our People (AESOP). The booth will feature live artists mixing music and oral histories over the station’s radio system, with plans for potential streaming online.

According to 5 Mag Chicago, the city will be looking for DJs who are invested “in black music so that soul, funk, house and gospel pump through the station.”

Some Chicagoans may be wondering if all of this is worth it considering the city still is working on extending the Red Line, but some good music can lift the spirits after a long commute or a bad day. 

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Even the mayor Rahm Emanuel can be seen checking out the decks, probably ready to scratch, though probably not.

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