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Peggy Gou Embraces Slick & Summery House Music On 'Moment EP'

Peggy Gou has the fuel to get her through the summer with these two records.
Peggy Gou Moment EP

Peggy Gou has released her first project of 2019, her Moment EP. The title fits what is happening with Gou, who has been having her moment for the past three years, playing just about every big festival in the world and becoming a burgeoning name in fashion as well. Now she is looking to build on that momentum with two more songs that will fuel her run through the summer.

Starry Night” was originally released right on the eve of Miami Music Week and fit the bill exactly. Though it is titled “Starry Night,” it has all the ingredients for a summer jam with a playful piano melody, light xylophone and soft “ooohs” that echo over the record. Handclaps and chugging acid provide the groove. “Han Pan” keeps things also in the daytime, but maybe a few cocktails later. Steel drums lead the groove with Gou’s distant Korean vocals floating over the swirling synths and a sashaying bassline.

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This is the first project out on Gou’s Gudu Records. She seems to have found a very solid avenue for her own brand of house music that is slick, fun and works in the variety of settings that Gou plays. It finds itself to be accessible to a large audience without losing its soul. The EP is out digitally now and pick up a copy here.

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