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Playlist: La Fleur's 10 Best Releases Of All Time On Kompakt

With classics from ANNA, Laurent Garnier, Gui Boratto and more.
La Fleur

La Fleur

It is rare for an artist or institution to last more than ten years in electronic music. Cologne dance label Kompakt has survived the winds of time and thrived with a load of compilations, plus releases from Gui Boratto, Patrice Baumel, Weval and more. Swedish DJ, producer and label owner La Fleur is the latest to put out a new record “Tears” with Kompakt as part of their Speicher series, which also includes a track from John Monkman and James Monro. La Fleur stands out with a subdued techno cut that remains hypnotically steady with shaking percussion and a simple melody. With her new release on the German label, we asked La Fleur to share her 10 best tracks ever to be released on the label and with its rich history she had a lot to choose from. She includes selections from ANNA, Danny Daze, Laurent Garnier and more.

Stream the full playlist and read on for her explanation of each. Pick up Speicher 108 here.

1. Aril Brikha - Winter EP

I used to play my vinyl copy of this EP on repeat during wintery times in Stockholm in early 2007, when it was first released. It’s absolutely brilliant! I love the emotions it awakens in my body and I have so many strong good memories of it. The B-Side track "Berghain" also has special significance for me at this time as I spent some epic nights at Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin and was thinking about moving there, which I also did later that same year.

2. Stardiver - Another Moment of Silence

An all-time emotional favorite, I ended my set at Fusion Festival with this epic track last summer and it also was the final track of my Essential Mix. It was a good year for Kompakt in 2007!

3. Danny Daze - Swim

Such a great track from a top producer that goes his own way and creates some very interesting music along the way. It’s a bomb!

4. Laurent Garnier - 1-4 Doctor C’est Chouette

Laurent is one of my favorite people in the scene. He always delivers that extra emotional investment in his music, which I admire very much. Thirty years into his career he still consistently manages to produce mind-blowing music. Legend.

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5. Terranova - Kepler 186F (DJ Hell Mix)

This track has totally destroyed dancefloors in a lot of my sets. This reinterpretation from DJ Hell remix is great and it really keeps people on their toes!

6. ANNA - When I Am Only A Dream

ANNA really has created something special with her sound. I especially like what’s been coming out on Kompakt and this is one of my favorites from her.

7. Reinhard Voigt, Michael Mayer - Transparenza (Original Mix)

This oldie, but goldie from 2006 has definitely stood the test of time. Thirteen years after its release, it’s a record I still return to again and again for those special end of night moments. Groover!

8. Michael Mayer - See You

The list wouldn’t be complete without a track from the label boss himself. I have played this recent track of his in a lot in my sets and it always goes down a treat. It has that trademark melodic groove that the label is renowned for, combined with a cool sci-tec edge.

9. Gui Boratto – Arquipelago

Gui represents some of Kompakt’s finest moments, especially his albums Chromophobia and Take My Breath Away, which are classics. This gem from 2006 is the perfect intersection between deep house and minimal techno, with Gui’s uniquely emotive touch. Amazing!

10. Jürgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie

I had to include a track by one of Kompakt’s co-founders Jürgen Paape. It’s about the moment of transcendence that comes with getting lost in the monotony of a beat, and feels like a beautiful love song dedicated to raving. It’s one of those special unifying tracks that leaves everyone with a giant grin on their face.

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