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Playlist: WhoMadeWho's Tomas Barfod's Best Compilations Ever Ahead Of Watergate 26

With classic mixes from DJ Koze, DJ Tennis and Michael Mayer, WhoMadeWho go deep into the arches with their five favorite mixes of all time.


Copenhagen trio WhoMadeWho, comprised of Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barford and Tomas Høffding, are known individually, but also as the sum of their parts, putting out music that traverses from rock to dance to disco and indie. They are taking over the next Watergate mix, Watergate 26, with tracks by the likes of Artbat, Otto B, Mathias Schober, Dance Spirit and themselves. The 87-minute mix features several of their own original productions, as well as some remixes.

In honor of the upcoming mix, we asked the trio to share with us some of their favorite mixes of all time, not just in the Watergate family. Drummer Tomas Barfod stepped up with two DJ Kicks, an iconic mix from DJ Koze, an early Fabric mix and The Sound of New York.

Their Watergate mix will put them in a league with the likes of Kerri Chandler, Solomun and Ellen Allien, who have also created mixes for this series. WhoMadeWho will bring their own brand of electronic music to Watergate 26, that arrives this Friday, April 5. It can be ordered digitally or in a physical format

Watergate 26 will be launched at Watergate in Berlin on Friday, April, 5 with WhoMadeWho, dOP, Artbat, Jimi Jules, Ruede Hagelstein, Jenia Tarsol

Fabric 13 mixed by Michael Mayer

This eclectic and very harmonic mix by Michael Mayer from made me fall in love with ‘techno’. Until then I had thought of techno as unsexy and cold, but this mix taught me that techno can be both super melodic and warm. The mix has many light and even euphoric and poppy moments, but the synths and drums mostly have roots in the German techno scene, and that's what makes this such a milestone to me - and WhoMadeWho’s career. We always have been looking toward the melodic techno scene even though you can’t always tell when you hear our music. We were lucky to get signed to Mayer’s Kompakt records a few years later, which was an important step in our career. Fabric 13 was released in 2003 but none of the tracks seem outdated here 16 years after its release, that's pretty rare these days.

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The Sound Of Young New York

The Sound of Young New York succeeded to compile music from a variety of New York producers and artists that surfaced in the early 2000s. This mix introduced many of the "disco-punk" artists like Radio 4 and The Rapture to the world...and to us. The loose drums and weird sounds were an eye-opener to us. The standout track is the DFA remix of Metro Area's ‘Orange Alert'. When this came out there was nothing like this! Minimal disco with simple and strong elements - both a dancefloor killer and an artistic statement. Dominique Keegan, the man behind the compilation, has become a good drinking-buddy since.

DJ-Kicks: Playgroup

I heard this for the first time in a hip coffee shop in Japan sometime around 2004 - on a side note it was also the same place I also tasted ginger-beer for the first time. I became a heavy consumer of both ginger beer and this compilation since then. The sound is closely linked to both The Sound of Young New York and the epic and well-curated mixes 2 Many DJs put out in that era. But this mix is leaning more towards house and disco, with so many rare finds and great, even funny, moments. These days it’s still a big inspiration in terms of sound and vibe.

Koze: All People Is My Friends

Again, a super eclectic mix that also stands the test of time. Koze includes electro-ish tracks from Mr. Oizo and Smith N Hack and selections from deep-tech pioneers such as Thomas Brinkmann, Isolée, and Jan Jelinek. Koze is one of the most skilled and inspirational producers out there, and this mix from 2004 shows that he has been on top of his game for many years. Koze contributed to our career with a remix of our song "Keep Me In My Plane" which was and still is a quite an essential remix.

DJ Tennis – DJ Kicks !K7

The most beautiful and deep mix of the ones selected here. Tennis goes everywhere with this 31-track masterpiece and the sound ranges from experimental electronica with indie tendencies to deep techno and dark house from both new and "classic" producers, making the mix timeless and super eclectic. We have known DJ Tennis aka Manfredi Romano since the start of our career and it’s been great to see him thrive year by year. Just now we are actually working on an album project with him, and as I write this I'm sitting in his garden in Miami. We have been blessed to work with so many talented minds over the years. 

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