Argo on decks.

Argo is without doubt one of my favorite producers and has been for a while now. His production sound is very unique and his style is instantly recognized when heard. Cold, sub-heavy bubbling bass lines engulf his tracks with industrial stabs & glitchy high hats sprinkled all over his productions. His sound really resonates with me on a deeper level as you will hear on "21." 

He has had some serious releases recently on labels such as Artikal, Yellow Flower, Encrypted Audio & NSX. He also has various records forthcoming, his work rate is faultless and the quality he is putting out is the very highest. Argo is definitely someone to watch over the next year thats for sure.

Argo created a great self-released EP, my personal pick from the release is the track above titled "21," which bangs with immense power. So much is going on from the thunderous kicks, to the evil sub that reverberates throughout the track. His productions are always evolving which is huge plus for me within 140 music. Solid work from the young Frenchman. You can purchase the entire release over on Argo's Bandcamp here.

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Make sure you keep an eye out for Argo's musical movements over the next year, I have a feeling there is a lot more to come from him.

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