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Premiere: AZARI Unveils Haunting Single "M - Body" From New LP 'ATRIARC'

The LP will be released this Friday, April 12.

AZARI of AZARI & III fame went dark for several years following the group’s split, coming out of this frozen period last year with the single “Gotasoul” that was nominated for a Juno. Now the Canadian dance act is prepping a new project ATRIARC, being released this Friday, April 12. We are happy to premiere the track “M - Body” today to give you a taste of what is to come.

“M - Body” is the soulful, measured electronic sound you would expect from AZARI. It blends a bit of techno and house with haunting bass rolling in the background, foreboding synths and a touch of acid. The album has James Baley on vocals. He brings a soulful element to “M – Body” demanding the listener and dancer embrace the dancefloor and “float away from love.”

“M – Body” doesn’t try to do too much, but manages to both work as a soothing dancefloor record and a track that can be replayed at home with intricate layered and effects on the vocals offering something new with each listen.

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For AZARI, the project is about being unpredictable and looking beyond the traditional labels that have been set out by others.

“This project is a reaction to perfection and predictability, a reminder that you don’t have to fit in to function. It’s a return to the raw, expressive and rule breaking days of punk and acid house. It embodies forward thinking music, art and visuals that have the power to incite shock and awe," says AZARI. "It’s for a generation that looks beyond labels. It’s a project that places equal power with all genders, sexualities and races, and draws in outsiders at odds with the world’s current categories.”

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