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Premiere: Obscure Shape & SHDW Give Daniel Avery 'Projector' A Stripped Down, Thumping Remix

This will be released as part of Avery's 'Song For Alpha B-Sides & Remixes' out this Friday, April 5.
Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery is gearing up to release his Song For Alpha B-Sides & Remixes album this Friday, which compiles b-side cuts from his 2018 album Song For Alpha and remixes of tracks on the LP by the likes of Jon Hopkins, Actress and Four Tet. Also deep in the remix pack is a chugging remix from Obscure Shape & SHDW who take on his album track “Projector.”

Obscure Shape & SHDW flip this record onto its head for a dark and thumping remix that espouses the concept less is more. It is grounded in a strong techno beat with a powerful kick and bassline, while reverbed synths that recall 90’s trance echo around the mix as the sped up remix brings you to a dark rave with white lights flickering around you.

“This pair make basement rave music that translates onto huge stages without ever being overblown or self-indulgent - an almost impossible task,” says Daniel Avery glowingly of Obscure Shape & SHDW. “Their tracks lift an entire crowd and I play something by them in practically every set. Simplicity is one of the hardest things to do well in club music but these guys consistently offer a masterclass.”

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The B-Sides and Remix album is filled with listening and soothing techno cuts, but this may be the hardest record of the bunch, so if you need a new track to smash out on the dancefloor, Obscure Shape & SHDW are your guys. 

Song For Alpha B-Sides & Remixes will be released this Friday, April 5. 

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